Erin and Michael’s Winter Wonderland Wedding at Wisp Resort

Last weekend’s wedding was awesome and exhausting (from having so much fun)!  I have known Erin since we were 15, and just met Michael in 2007.  They had been friends for years, but sparks started to fly when Erin went to NYU for grad school and Michael was stationed in the Army in Alaska. In summer of 2008, they went on vacation to Thailand where Michael proposed during A RIDE ON AN ELEPHANT!  How cool is that?!?!?!  During their engagement, Erin paid many visits to the Tundra and they both endured a hard year when Michael was stationed in Iraq for a year of their engagement.

This summer, Ryan and I got to visit Erin in Alaska while Michael was in Iraq.  We had a great time, but wished Michael would have been there to share it with us.

How appropriate that their normal life in Alaska would lead to a winter wonderland wedding at Wisp Resort in McHenry, Maryland.  Below is Erin’s absolutely fabulous button bouquet.  Her favorite is the snowflake pin on the front.

Button Bouquet

Erin was brave enough to let me take her dress outside.  It wasn’t snowing at the time, but it was super windy. You should have seen me jumping to get her dress up here.  Definitely worth being cold.

Cold, snowy wedding dress

Ryan’s shot of Michael getting dressed.


Oh yea, it’s cold and windy.  But I guess it’s a balmy 30 degrees if you spend most of days with frost inside of your closet.

Happy Bride

Beautiful light!


Gary Paull hugging his future son-in-law.

Father of the Bride

So this was their “second kiss.”  Michael was so excited that he kissed Erin right after putting on her ring.  You can see more of this adorable blooper in the slideshow below.

Second Kiss

Passion and humor!

Funny faces

Laughing groom

Since Erin and Michael love to travel, and already their relationship has taken them all over the world, their table makers were the words for “Love” in different languages.  Of course they were seated at the Thai table.

Shiny plates

Yummy cupcakes!


First danceWedding Photographer Pittsburgh

There were so many awesome dancers all night!


Dancing to “All the single ladies.”  She got it pretty close!

All the single ladies

My favorite, air guitar.  Even better that she is wearing a men’s tie with her cute dress.

Air guitar

The bride and the best man share a dance.

Bride and Best Man

And this whole weekend was really a winter wonderland!


I had such a great time and was honored to be able to share this wedding with great friends that I love so much!

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  • Jenn Hoover

    Randi, you did such an amazing job!!!! It was such an amazing night.. Congrats again Erin and Michael!!! Love you guys!!!!

  • Christina Montemurro

    I didn’t doubt it before, but these photos add to my feeling that winter is the most underrated season. I love the lighting on your cupcake photo and I love the centerpieces. The button bouquet – genius and unique and beautiful! And of course, a gorgeous bride and groom. Congratulations!

  • Mary (Mother of the Bride)

    All of the photos and the slideshow and the shotbox are just fantastic !!! You captured the beauty, the joy and the “fun” of the day ~ I can’t wait to see all of your creations !! Thank you (and your crew) so much for your friendship and your professionalism ~ you put your heart into these photos and they will allow us to revisit Erin & Michael’s Wedding Weekend again and again……

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