Jamie and Jeremy are married! | Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Wedding Photography

Jamie and Jeremy planned for a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony  at the newly refurbished Walled Garden at Mellon Park and a reception at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.  They only got to see half of their wedding planning come to fruition due to unpredictable Pittsburgh weather.  Importantly, they DID get married in a beautiful ceremony on the Grand Staircase at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Despite the rain, or maybe because of it, their wedding was beautiful and memorable!

I met with Jamie and her bridesmaids at the DoubleTree hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Jamie is stunning!  Maureen from The Laura Gregory Salon did a great job on Jamie’s makeup and hair (and 3 of the other bridesmaids’ hair).  (Pittsburgh Brides–she lives in Stubenville, so call her for your wedding makeup and hair!)

Ryan met with Jeremy and his groomsmen for a few photos before leaving the hotel as well.  Sean from Regency Transportation was right on time with the limousine.

When we arrived at Mellon Park, we immediately started shooting to make sure we beat the rain for at least some of the photos of the bridal party.  Nice work, ladies!

Jamie bought these fab green umbrellas just in case it rained.  Not raining yet, but what a great photo prop.

The sky got a little darker just prior to the groomsmen photos.

Jamie and Jeremy had their ceremony indoors.  Jamie stealing a glance at her Mom.

Though she was composed all day, she was sobbing and laughing as she approached her future husband.

And he was pretty excited, too.

Next two photos by Ryan, from the upper level of the stairs.

Here, we caught a break in the rain!  Yay!  We were ready to walk to Mellon Park, but it started pouring down rain right after these two photo.  My shoes were pretty much filled with water after a walk through the wet grass, but it was worth it.

So we made some photos indoors.  First time for me having an indoor Jump photo!.  Thanks for this, Phillipe Halsman.

After consulting with local weather and radar predictions, we took Jamie and Jeremy to Mellon Park for some time alone.

I’m positive that Jamie’s dress and beautiful shoes were soaked, but I think it was worth it. 

Back inside for their first dance immediately following the introductions. After a few toasts, their guests enjoyed fantastic dinner by La Creme!

Exceptional entertainment by Jeremy Ganss Productions.

Mother Earth redeemed herself with a beautiful sunset.

More fun and special mixes by Jeremy Ganss Productions.

Congratulations, Jamie and Jeremy!

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  • Nina

    Oh my god they are too cute. Those shoes! Please… I’m a sucker for polka dots. And really.. those bridesmaid dresses and fun spring colors! LOVE THIS ONE! Looks like it was lots of fun!

  • Maureen O'Leary

    Amazing photos! They such a great couple! So cute!! *I also did the hair for 4 out the 6 girls* Maureen

  • sister

    1.) that jump picture is awesome. i love jamie’s face in it.
    2.) the sock/shoe combination is crazy cute.
    3.) i want dreadlocks.

    4.)oh, nice wedding rannie. i love pictures with umbrellas…

  • Jerry Olson

    Randi You”ve done an outstanding job on jamie and jeremy”s wedding. You went the extra mile on making these pictures special. Thank you so much for the great job. Faather of the bride.

  • Christina Montemurro

    I feel a little dizzy from all of the going back and forth from inside to outside! I give you a LOT of credit for being able to not just think straight, but shoot marvelously despite the difficult weather and having to constantly adapt to the different settings. The umbrellas were a great idea to add some color to that gray day.

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