Pearl Harbor and Rainbows

A little more from our trip to Hawai’i, even though we are back in Pittsburgh.

Getting to Pearl Harbor early was a key to having a good time there.  It rains often, in Hawai’i, if only for a minute, but the weather moves quickly… First up, a rainbow.  We saw so many rainbows here!

Taking the ferry to the USS Arizona memorial.

The memorial.

The battleship is still below the monument.

And still leaks 1-2 quarts of oil per day into the harbor.

A crew member from the USS Arizona had recently passed.  On this day, he was going to be interred among his shipmates.  His name is under the black tape.

Ryan and I took a little drive north to go to a few beaches (and snorkel unsuccessfully).  Another rainbow on the drive home….almost a double rainbow if you can see it on the left. 

Sunset at the harbor near Waikiki.

Tomorrow, the final blog post from Hawai’i………Snorkeling!!!!

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  • Mary

    Wow, Randi, that is so neat…I would like to visit Pearl Harbor one day. The rainbows remind me of Iceland…really beautiful. I love that last sunset photo.

  • Christina Montemurro

    The blue sky in the third photo is unreal, and I love the contrast between it and the white of the memorial. The 9th photo is my favorite. I love the symmetry and the lines leading up to the memorial.

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