Tatiana and Marc’s Wedding at St Sylvester Parish

Saturday was a beautiful day for Tatiana and Marc‘s wedding.  They grew up just a few blocks away from each other, but didn’t start dating until they were in college.  After flirting in class (to no surprise of their friends), they finally got together.  I was honored to photograph their wedding in the South Hills of Pittsburgh at St Sylvster Parish in Brentwood.

First, I joined Tatiana and her bridesmaids while they were getting ready.

Tatia’s dress was really really big, and she is a small lady.

Due to some really excellent wedding day planning by Tatia and her mom, the ladies were all ready in plenty of time to make some photos.  This was great since we had a limited amount of time between the ceremony and reception.

I took this photo at the request of Tatia’s mom, Laura.  When the girls were children, there is a similar photo of them from another wedding.  They are just as adorable now.

Ryan joined Marc and his groomsmen as well. Nice work with that off-camera light, Ryan.

The wedding ceremony was held at St Sylvester Parish in the Brentwood area of Pittsburgh.  This was my first time at St Sylvester Parish, and it was wonderful to work there.  Marc was little nervous before the service.

Nat was super happy (and emotional) taking Tatia down the aisle.

Some love for Dad during the Sign of Peace.

When they came out of the church after the receiving line, Tatia’s mom threw rice at the couple.  Obviously, Tatia and Marc were surprised and shocked!  Sorry guys, I thought it was a hilarious moment that you couldn’t forget.  You probably found rice in your clothes and hair, but at least you’ll have good luck.

Our photo spot was the pond in Jefferson Regional Memorial. We had some great lighting for these photos too!

Ryan grabbed this photo while Tatia was walking to the limousine. Nice catch!

They had a hilarious, good-spirited cake fight during the reception.

Next three first dance photos by Ryan.  Tatia and Marc were so adorable!

Their bridal party, parents, and grandparents joined them for a dance.

Then the real party started!  Here is (sister) Sonja and her main squeeze.

This bridal party was so excited to be there celebrating with Tatiana and Marc.  We always love to see a dancing bridal party, especially groomsmen!!

Congratulations, Tatia and Marc!!! Have a great time on your honeymoon!

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  • Mary

    Once again, a lovely wedding by Randi…Love those moments you captured in the church…and the rice throwing! Ha! That’s awesome!

  • sister

    i love love love the close up of the two of them where marc is in focus and tatia isn’t. beautiful. nice job with lighting.

  • Aunt D

    great job…I love them all!
    but I think my favorite…well, I have 2-
    the one of the sisters is really amazing…it really does look like the original!
    the second is of Tatia in B&W with her veil flying…

    D (the other one with the DSLR!)

  • Christina Montemurro

    First I have to say that I love the name Tatiana. If you hadn’t shared that Marc was nervous, I never would have known! He looks so happy. My favorite would have to be the rice throwing surprise. Tatiana looks so shocked – and Marc looks like such a good sport about it. And being a good sport is so much of what being a son-in-law is all about. But… I also really love the veil flying. Great combination of stillness and motion in that one.

  • Aunt Barb

    Looking through these is like reliving this beautiful occasion all over again!! These pics so beautifully capture the specialness of it. Could never pick a favorite—the love between Tatiana and Marc is “oozing” in every one of them!!!!!

  • Uncle Craig & Aunt Pam

    Your photographer captured some awesome moments of this wonderful and joy filled event. I can’t pick a favorite – each photo is precious and in the years to come, you’ll be able to relive it, each and every time you look at them. Can’t believe our little Tatiana has grown into such a fine young lady – you look beautiful! Both you and Mark look so very happy. Blessings to you both.

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