Garden on the Roof

I used to live a different life.  Now I love being a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh.  In that other life, I was working as an engineer for an architecture firm.  There, I made some great friends who have since moved on (as I have) and started their own company.  Origin4Design is a women-owned Landscape Architecture and Laser Scanning firm run by two of my great friends, Rebecca and Laura.

Earlier this month, they asked me to photograph the roof garden of the Heinz 57 Center in downtown Pittsburgh.  Rebecca had worked on the design of this space earlier in her career and wanted to showcase it among their new firm’s many talents.

It started to rain (on this typical Pittsburgh Monday morning).

I was really soaking wet (who gets wet when they enter an office building?) after about 10 minutes outside, so I had to cut it short.

I’ll make it back to that roof garden plus a few more later this summer.  Congratulations on your business launch, Origin4Design!

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  • Christina Montemurro

    It makes me happy to know this roof garden exists in downtown Pittsburgh. My favorite is the fourth photo, looking straight down. And I remember Scott Kelby once said “never shoot down at plants.” Thanks for the demonstration that you should never follow the rules.

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