Sarah and Matt’s Engagement Photos at Carnegie Mellon University

I love the story of how Sarah and Matt met. Probably because it is the opposite of the story of how I met my husband (college guy notices college girl and chooses a class project group to try to meet her).

In Sarah and Matt’s case, Sarah noticed Matt in one of her classes. She thought that he had a nice smile and he preferred to sit in the back of the classroom. Next time they had class, she sat in the back of the classroom and like clockwork, Matt came to sit in his usual spot. They met there in class and sparks flew when they saw each other at a party later that year.

We had a WONDERFUL time at their engagement photo shoot at the college where they met and I’m thrilled to photograph their wedding next year. Congratulations, Sarah and Matt!

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  • Sarah Nelson

    The photos look amazing! Matt and I had such a wonderful time shooting with you! We are looking forward to spending more time together taking photos, laughing and playing lots of board games. You’re the best! 🙂

  • Joyful Uncle

    What a fresh approach to engagement pictures! You’ve really captured the personality of this great couple. Can’t wait for the wedding day!

  • Matthew Fahrenkopf

    The photos are incredible. I was blown away when I saw them. Thank you for a terrific time and making us feel right at home.

  • Brenda Fahrenkopf

    Beautiful pictures of Matthew and Sarah. Wow, can only imagine how breath taking they will look on their wedding day. Contagious smiles! I love the choice of the photo shoot.

  • Cheryl Mack - Aunt

    The photos are just beautiful. You both look so happy. Can’t wait for the big day 🙂

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