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I’ve written many times about how honored I am when I am hired to be the wedding photographer for someone who works in the wedding industry. I’ve written separately about the joy I feel when a sibling of a past client chooses me to be the photographer as well. So when I was hired to photograph Susan and Jim, I felt doubly humbled. I photographed Jim’s sister’s wedding a few years ago, AND I work with Jim often since he is a member of Jason Kendall Productions. I sincerely enjoyed my time working with both of them on planning their wedding, especially since Jim is a wedding scheduling expert.

Susan and Jim chose Hyatt House Pittsburgh – South Side as their one-stop wedding venue. They had their First Look on the Greater Allegheny Passage Trail directly behind the hotel, followed by some bridal and family portraits in perfect August sun. They were married in front of their family and friends on the outdoor patio, and celebrated their reception under the tent.

Since Jim’s band, Jason Kendall Productions, was performing at the reception, there were many great surprises! We enjoyed a special performance by Susan’s dad on guitar, Jim playing guitar at his own wedding, an acoustic version of “At Last” during a short power outage, and a solo performance of “Thunder Road” as the last song. I loved how the guests interacted with the band during the performance. It is rare that family and friends get to see what we do as wedding professionals. What a joy!

I was working with another favorite wedding professional on that day too. Many thanks to Nicki for her wonderful assistance and photographs.

Congratulations, Susan and Jim!!!


  • ChristinaSeptember 9, 2016 - 14:36

    Fantastic, as always, Randi. These really capture the joy (and fun!) of the day.

It is easy for me to write about Dana and DJ’s wedding. I had the best time getting to know them over the last year. We had a great relationship since Nicki and I photographed weddings for each of Dana’s two sisters, Sara and Casey, over the last few years. We had a mutual respect for each other and appreciation for great photography during the busy wedding day schedule.

Dana and DJ were married at St John Capistran Catholic Church in Pittsburgh. After the ceremony, we all traveled to the shaded tunnel under the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for some bridal portraits. I appreciated the shaded area to beat the heat, and it seemed as though the lights were tinted pink just to match the bridesmaids dresses. Everyone had a great time at the reception at  The Westin Convention Center with lots and lots of dancing and celebrating.

Many thanks to Nicki for her help in photographing this wonderful family on three different, very important days.

Congratulations, Dana and DJ!!!

01_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_014902_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_055503_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_054204_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_055905_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_057406_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_066407_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_067608_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_080809_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_098810_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_127911_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_128912_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_133013_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_146014_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_152015_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_153116_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_188517_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_189918_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_192119_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_196520_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_200321_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_231222_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_234123_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_247024_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_270625_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_258326_Westin Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_2775

  • Casey R.August 22, 2016 - 13:04

    Randi– these are great per the usual!

  • MeganAugust 23, 2016 - 16:00

    Beautiful pictures, wedding and a wonderful couple!

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  • TamaAugust 25, 2016 - 08:37

    Looks like you had a wonderful wedding. Dj you look so handsome and Dana you looked so beautiful. Enjoy every minute of everyday together. Dj remember happy wife, happy life! Congratulations to the both of you.

Julie and Brian were married at The University Club at the University of Pittsburgh. At their unplugged ceremony, it was a treat to see the guests enjoying the procession and the ceremony without obstructed faces. I particularly enjoyed seeing some guests turning around to see Brian’s face as Julie walked down the aisle.

Following a short portrait session just outside of the club, Julie and Brian entered the reception hall to huge applause as they shared their choreographed first dance. After dinner, everyone (myself included) enjoyed wonderful entertainment by The Company Band. They kept the dance floor full all evening until Julie and Brian made their getaway!

Thank you, Nicki, for all of your help photographing this beautiful wedding.

Congratulations, Julie and Brian!

01_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_005102_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_005703_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_011604_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_082405_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_082706_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_083407_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_085508_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_084309_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_086510_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_089311_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_091712_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_093013_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_092514_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_095615_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_101016_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_123317_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_134218_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_137919_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_146220_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_148521_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_145622_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_156323_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_161224_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_161825_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_167426_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_169127_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_170028_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_195929_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_199930_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_223531_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_247132_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_246633_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_2518

Kara and Brandon had a fairy tale for a wedding day. Kara looked like a princess as she walked down the aisle at St Mary of the Mount. Together, the newlyweds posed for portraits in sunny Schenley Park before celebrating at the reception at The Grand Concourse.

Planner Natasha Brody of Hello Productions brought everything together beautifully!

Thanks to Ryan for his hard work and photographs at this wonderful wedding.

Congratulations, Kara and Brandon!

01_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_011602_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_018803_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_002704_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_051905_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_060406_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_003807_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_063908_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_067209_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_068010_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_079411_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_120612_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_1278

12_Grand Concourse Wedding _14_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_131615_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_133616_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_149117_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_157818_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_171919_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_172820_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_162921_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_159522_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_191723_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_190224_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_1999

I’ve known Ryan for almost fifteen years. As I transitioned into my work as a wedding photographer, he always said he would hire me to photograph his own wedding. “I already have the photographer, I just need the bride,” and now he has both! I couldn’t have felt more honored to photograph the wedding of such wonderful friends!

Ashley and Ryan were married at Calvary United Methodist Church on Pittsburgh’s North Side. They wisely opted for portraits outside of the church before traveling to their reception. Upon making their entrance into their reception, Ryan and Ashley cut the cake. Ryan surprised Ashley by cutting it with the power saw that he uses often in his work as a contractor. Hilarious! I had a great time at this wedding seeing the joyful faces of people I’ve known for many years.

Many, many thanks to Nicki for helping me to capture this day.

Congratulations, Ashley and Ryan!!

01_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_032402_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_057603_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_058504_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_064106_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_071807_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_073109_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_077410_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_086111_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_088712_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_092313_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_147714_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_159215_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_169116_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_171317_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_191418_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_197019_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_232020_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_234822_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_242123_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_247024_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_262325_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_306126_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_259727_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_306728_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_307029_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_742430_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_7431

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