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Christine and Michael wanted to share an intimate wedding with their closest family and friends. They wanted to have a great time and really enjoy their ceremony, portrait session, and reception together. We did a lot of planning together and surprisingly, some of the casual group portraits at the reception were canceled in favor of more celebrating and enjoying the day. Well done, Christine and Michael. I hope you enjoyed every minute!

Christine and Michael were married in a ceremony at Saint Joseph Church in Coraopolis. After a beautiful portrait session, they joined their guests for dinner and a relaxing evening at Hyeholde Restaurant.

Congratulations, Christine and Michael!

01_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_021102_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_022003_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_023203_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_025804_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_037205_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_028506_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_034207_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_035008_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_045209_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_047610_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_074612_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_072513_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_080214_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_081815_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_088716_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_098217_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_101418_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_113419_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_116420_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_120321_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_128522_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_129823_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_1350

Ashley and Ryan met many years before they started dating. Ashley became friends during with Ryan’s brother, Craig, during their carpool to and from school. Ryan met Ashley a few times, but he couldn’t believe that she would like him, so he didn’t make a move. Eventually he did, and now they’re getting married next year!

I met them in the Strip District of Pittsburgh one evening for their beautiful engagement photo shoot. Congratulations, Ashley and Ryan!

01_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_025502_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_021003_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_038304_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_032505_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_033801_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_0294
07_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_056208_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_057409_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_0501




While I was busy at Erica and Jon’s wedding, Nicki headed out to the Laurel Highlands to photograph Taylor and Sean’s wedding. Nicki and I were introduced to Taylor last year at her sister Ashley’s wedding. I’m kind of jealous that Nicki got to work with this wonderful family once again. Here’s a recap of her day:

“Taylor and Sean met at college and shared the type of love that friends do. When they decided to begin dating, it was an easy transition from their strong friendship. Neither of them were in a rush to get married because they were confident and happy with things the way they were. When I say “not in a rush,” I mean they thought about not getting married at all, ever.  But they seemed to have changed their minds because this September, they tied the knot.

Taylor and Sean were married at The Barn at Fallingwater. With careful wedding planning by the team at Hello Productions, the wedding ceremony was moved indoors to avoid the rain. Thankfully, Taylor and Sean were able to take some of their wedding portraits outdoors before the ceremony (and before the rain).

I think they made the right decision to get married because you can see the love and happiness in their faces.  Sean Means and I were honored to photograph such a lovely combination of two wonderful families.”

Congratulations, Taylor and Sean!

01_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_466802_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_119003_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_476204_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_477405_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_478406_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_482007_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_488008_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_483308_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_565109_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_564510_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_569811_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_571412_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_159013_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_161513_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_574814_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_600515_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_5977
19_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_664918_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_653420_Barn at Fallingwater Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_6640

  • Ashley KurkiewiczSeptember 30, 2015 - 17:48

    These are beautiful pictures that really capture Taylor and Sean’s genuine love for one another. Great job Nicki and Sean!

Erica was VERY HAPPY on her wedding day, truly enjoying every minute. Her smile is infectious enough to make Jon say “we should get married more often. You’re so happy!”

Erica and Jon didn’t have the most picturesque wedding day weather, but I don’t really think Erica let that influence her wedding day experience. Erica and Jon were married in a ceremony in the living room area at the Longue Vue Club. It is so enjoyable to photography a happy couple with their two great families. Many thanks to Ryan for his help capturing this beautiful and fun wedding.

Congratulations, Erica and Jon!

01_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_024202_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_021103_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_04_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_041505_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_041806_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_051407_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_048908_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_061609_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_064210_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_095811_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_135612_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_137013_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_136914_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_141515_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_142316_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_143717_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_150618_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_154819_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_179020_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_181421_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_225822_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_228223_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_192324_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_247625_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_252326_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_254727_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_258828_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_283029_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_290530_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_291631_ Longue Vue Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_2926

Is it possible to score a hat trick at wedding photography? If so, I’m about to do it! I photographed weddings for each of Dana’s two sisters, Sara and Casey and I’m honored to photograph Dana’s wedding next summer.

Dana and DJ met on a few years ago on New Year’s Eve. DJ proposed when they were visiting Chicago earlier this year, so they decided to take their engagement photos in downtown Pittsburgh to reminisce in the atmosphere of a city. I couldn’t have had a better time with them on this beautiful summer evening.

Congratulations, Dana and DJ!

01_Point State Park Engagement Pittsburgh_342802_Point State Park Engagement Pittsburgh_354204_Point State Park Engagement Pittsburgh_358403_Point State Park Engagement Pittsburgh_356105_Point State Park Engagement Pittsburgh_368906_Point State Park Engagement Pittsburgh_379907_Point State Park Engagement Pittsburgh_381908_Point State Park Engagement Pittsburgh_3847

  • Dana LindseySeptember 1, 2015 - 11:04

    We had such a fun time taking our engagement pictures! Randi is the best!! Thank you for capturing such beautiful moments!

  • CaseySeptember 1, 2015 - 11:09

    Randi – definitely a hat trick =) Beautiful shots! Congrats Dana and DJ!

  • jess veySeptember 1, 2015 - 15:01

    Aww..I remember when I first started my job and Sara had just gotten engaged and I recommended you for her wedding :). .so awesome that all her sisters are using you as well…you are the best of course! Hope you are well! These pics look great!

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