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Lauren and Jimmy were dating when they discovered they had both, individually purchased the same couch. While it is common for couples to disagree on furniture choices, they had independently selected the same piece for their apartments without knowing it. Even though it was a different color, it seemed like clear indication that they should be married!

Lauren and Jimmy were married in a ceremony in the Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. Lauren and Jimmy were excited to see all of their friends from different parts of their lives in one place–family and friends from childhood, college, graduate school, internships, and work! Prior to the ceremony, we took as many of the portraits as possible so Lauren and Jimmy could attend their cocktail hour. They celebrated their vows with their friends and family at the reception with help from DJ Sam Crawford.

Planning their wedding while living in Seattle wasn’t ideal, but they had some awesome vendors to help them out. Lauren’s makeup was done by Simone Jene Makeup and her flowers were by Sapphire and Lace Design. I had some help too! It was my pleasure to photograph this wedding with Christina.

Congratulations, Lauren and Jimmy!

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Julie and Brian live near Philadelphia, and I wasn’t able to meet them before booking their wedding. When they were visiting Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving, we took some time to get to know each other with an engagement photo shoot downtown. Who knew that the day after Thanksgiving would bring warm and sunny weather to Pittsburgh? Maybe their smiles bring the sunshine!

I had a great time getting to know them and I’m so excited to photograph their wedding next year at the University Club. Congratulations, Julie and Brian!

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  • HunterDecember 10, 2015 - 12:06

    Gorgeous pix! The passion is palpable. Mmmm

  • SamDecember 10, 2015 - 12:09

    I’m OTM (over the moon) for you two!

Our 9th annual Turkey Bowl was held on a Thanksgiving morning that felt more like a day in early fall. The rock-paper-scissors official was played by my dad, who, after 4 years, still claims that he does not know the rules of the game. Our MVP, Therasa caught 3 interceptions and collected a snazzy trophy! Snack Man Rich Dembski had pockets full of honey-roasted Almonds and Sour Patch Kids (I kept wondering why his shirt was always pulled up around his chest).

Next year we’ll have to celebrate our 10th year with a special half-time show and t-shirts that are 18% gray.

Happy Thanksgiving!

RockPaperScissors04_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_051905_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_052406_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_041307_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_043208_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_044909_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_046110_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_047511_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_048912_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_058213_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_059014_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_061315_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_045016_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_080817_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_085918_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_086119_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_0638

  • rich dembskiNovember 28, 2015 - 16:34

    Theresa,congrats on your MVP.I think we should celebrate at my Christmas Party over a beer.Tell Fred to bring some of his home brew.lol

When I asked Kristen and John what they were looking forward to most about their wedding day, one of the things they said was “having fun and just being goofy.” I wasn’t really sure what she meant, but judging by their expressive faces and insanely happy smiles, I think I saw what they hoped to feel.

Kristen and John were married at St. John and Paul Catholic Church. They celebrated their wedding reception at the White Barn with a great meal and an awesome performance by The Elite Show Band. It was easy to smile when all of their wedding planning was taken care of by Natasha Brody from Hello Productions.

I was honored to have Nicki’s help to capture these photographs.

Congratulations, Kristen and John!

01_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_028802_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_035903_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_001304_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_010105_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_056506_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_066007_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_065908_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_067609_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_068910_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_076411_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_078512_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_093813_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_092314_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_094315_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_152116_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_166717_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_178818_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_201519_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_201920_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_206521_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_204222_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_205623_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_209324_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_238625_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_268826_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_278227_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_284128_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_286029_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_291730_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_295931_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_307632_The White Barn Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_3092

The end of October was a busy time in our wedding season! Nicki photographed back to back weddings starting with this one for Megan and Matt. Nicki met Megan and Matt when she photographed Allie and Matt’s wedding last summer. I’ve said it before, but it is always an honor to work for the same family as a wedding photographer.

“When Megan called to check if I was available for her wedding, I was thrilled to be able to work with such a wonderful family a second time. With two brothers left, perhaps I still have two more chances! Megan and Matt live in Texas, but chose to celebrate their wedding in Pittsburgh, Megan’s hometown. Getting a bunch of Texans to visit Pittsburgh in the fall isn’t an easy task, but who can resist this wonderful couple?!?

Megan and Matt were married at St Therese of Lisieux in Munhall and celebrated at their reception at St. John’s. Christina and I enjoyed photographing this couple all day. I hope you enjoy seeing the happy couple too!”

01_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_848602_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_251903_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_260904_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_261205_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_874307_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_884906_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_883008_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_279609_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_915010_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_280911_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_283412_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_283613_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_287714_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_928215_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_290016_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_932618_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_299817_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_299119_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_947720_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_317421_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_999722_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_343323_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_344024_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_408628_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_056629_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_066031_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_076130_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_0781




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