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Turkey Bowl 2013

Turkey Bowl 2013 was pretty chilly! With a few previous days of snow and an overnight low of 19F, we arrived to a snow covered field and some welcome sunshine. This was the seventh consecutive year for the event, organized expertly by Nicki with team tshirts and new field cones!

An event like this wouldn’t be complete without some antics from my dad. This year, he brought actual rock, paper, and scissors to the kickoff competition. While it was a great laugh, maybe the joke was on him because he cut himself on the scissors while he had them behind his back.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Richard DembskiDecember 13, 2013 - 21:51

    Great Turkey Bowl Nicki.It should be on everyone’s bucket list to play in at least one game.A good time to be had by one and all.

  • Richard DembskiDecember 13, 2013 - 21:54

    Ps.Probably the greatest photo’s ever taken by a 8 and one half month,pregnant photographer

Emily and Nick’s Wedding at The Chadwick

Here’s another wonderful wedding from my Associate shooter, Nicki Dembski:

“Emily is a flight attendant from Texas.  She met Nick, the Budweiser brew-master-slash-jiu-jitsu competitor while traveling.  Earlier this month, they were married in Nick’s hometown of Pittsburgh.  Emily’s friends and family came from Texas to meet Nick’s family from Pittsburgh and they all seemed to get along perfectly.

While they were both certainly excited to get married, they were slightly more excited to celebrate with their family and friends at the reception.  Their ceremony and reception was held at The Chadwick on a chilly November day.  The party really started when everyone got on the dance floor for a traditional ‘”family time” shot.  Friends and family stayed on the dance floor all night for celebrating and dancing.

I was joined by Christina to capture Emily and Nick’s wonderful wedding!

Congratulations, Emily and Nick!”

01_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_721302_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_560703_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_568804_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_583105_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_736106_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_578707_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_578908_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_588509_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_794010_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_596311_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_600212_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_394213_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_870814_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_856415_The Chadwick Wedding Pittsburgh_8765

Our Family Vacation to Canada and New York State

This summer, Ryan and I took another road trip with my family. Together with my parents and sister, we rented an RV and headed north (surprised?) to Canada and the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Our first stop was the American side of Niagara Falls.

01_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_049002_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_002603_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_050904_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_052205_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_0533

Two days later, we traveled to Toronto, Canada. There, Ryan and Nicki skipped stones on Lake Ontario at Scarborough Bluffs. Also in Toronto, we visited the zoo where they have two Giant Pandas in their care.

06_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_061807_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_063108_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_009309_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_0663

Most evenings we spent at our campsite, relaxing by the fire and making dinner.

10_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_0713

On this morning, Nicki was writing emails from a sunny spot she found in the valley.

11_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_072812_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_0734

My favorite part of the trip was our stop in Watkins Glen. Wisely, we took a shuttle to the top of the mountain and hiked down to our RV.

13_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_074214_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_076215_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_078716_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_080117_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_080418_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_0595

Ryan helps us navigate our RV through a low-clearance underpass. We made it!

19_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_2597

Dad puts out the last fire of the vacation before we head home.

20_Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer_0933We had a lovely vacation!

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