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After Maggie and Adam saw ShotBox in action at a wedding where we were working together this past summer, they knew their guests would enjoy it. They were right! Maggie, Adam, and their guests had a fantastic time taking these photos. I hope that you do too!

Congratulation, again, Maggie and Adam!

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When you work in the wedding and event industry, you often think about your own wedding. If you’re married, you see things that you like and wonder what it would have been like for you if you had “seen it all” before your big day. If you’re like Maggie and Adam and you make other people’s visions a reality almost every single day, then you might wonder how you’ll have a good time at your wedding when you have a plethora of wedding experiences, both good and bad.

Maggie and Adam both work in the event industry. Maggie is an event planner for Common Plea Catering where Adam is a Chef. When Maggie and Adam welcomed their guests to their wedding reception at Heinz History Center, they said they wanted to show their friends and family exactly what they do for their living and put on a fantastic party. And fantastic it was! I can list all of the amazing things, but let’s say that the decor was beautiful, the dinner was amazing, the band was fantastic, and literally candy came out of the sky!

I could not be more honored and humbled to be a part of this wedding day. I’ve worked Maggie at countless weddings over the last seven years and I am thrilled to be behind the camera as she walked down the aisle. Many thanks to Nicki, Sean, and Ryan who helped me capture this spectacular wedding day.

Congratulations, Maggie and Adam!

01_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_012002_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_043604_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_026005_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_049306_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_050007_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_055508_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_062309_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_065910_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_074711_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_296512_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_149613_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_151714_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_152515_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_155416_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_159517_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_159718_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_297419_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_170919_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_176420_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_198721_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_212922_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_209823_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_210524_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_220925_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_304326_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_306027_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_267328_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_3065

29_Heinz History Center Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_2870

  • Christina MontemurroOctober 22, 2015 - 15:45

    What spectacular photos of this exquisite wedding celebration! By far this is the prettiest the Library and Archives room has ever looked, and the monogrammed dance floor is fantastic. But the best sights of all Maggie’s and Adam’s smiles!

Susan and Jim met when Susan decided to learn how to play the guitar. She signed up for music lessons at a local studio where Jim was assigned to be her teacher. After a few lessons, Jim (who usually teaches young students) was nervous to ask Susan (a fully grown adult) out on a date. You’ll probably guess that he did ask her out and she did say “yes” because here are their engagement photos!

I met Susan and Jim on a beautiful afternoon in Mellon Park.

Congratulations, Susan and Jim!

01_Mellon Park Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_002102_Mellon Park Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_005803_Mellon Park Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_007904_Mellon Park Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_009605_Mellon Park Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_017506_Mellon Park Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_021107_Mellon Park Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_022708_Mellon Park Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_031809_Mellon Park Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_033510_Mellon Park Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_0148

Christine and Michael wanted to share an intimate wedding with their closest family and friends. They wanted to have a great time and really enjoy their ceremony, portrait session, and reception together. We did a lot of planning together and surprisingly, some of the casual group portraits at the reception were canceled in favor of more celebrating and enjoying the day. Well done, Christine and Michael. I hope you enjoyed every minute!

Christine and Michael were married in a ceremony at Saint Joseph Church in Coraopolis. After a beautiful portrait session, they joined their guests for dinner and a relaxing evening at Hyeholde Restaurant.

Congratulations, Christine and Michael!

01_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_021102_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_022003_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_023203_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_025804_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_037205_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_028506_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_034207_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_035008_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_045209_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_047610_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_074612_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_072513_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_080214_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_081815_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_088716_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_098217_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_101418_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_113419_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_116420_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_120321_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_128522_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_129823_Hyeholde Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_1350

Ashley and Ryan met many years before they started dating. Ashley became friends during with Ryan’s brother, Craig, during their carpool to and from school. Ryan met Ashley a few times, but he couldn’t believe that she would like him, so he didn’t make a move. Eventually he did, and now they’re getting married next year!

I met them in the Strip District of Pittsburgh one evening for their beautiful engagement photo shoot. Congratulations, Ashley and Ryan!

01_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_025502_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_021003_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_038304_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_032505_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_033801_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_0294
07_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_056208_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_057409_Strip District Engagement Photography Pittsburgh_0501




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