Jamie and Marlon’s Wedding at the Renaissance Hotel

This weekend delivered two absolutely spectacular weddings that were so different from each other, yet, so special and unique for all of the families involved.  I’m so excited to share them here on this blog.  First, Jamie and Marlon.

I met Jamie, and her wonderful parents Ken and Jane this spring for our interview.  After looking at our very first sample wedding album together, Ken said “that was absolutely beautiful.”  So instantly I really really liked them.  When I met Marlon later, the feeling was the same.  Everyone was looking to have a great time and a beautiful wedding.

And on Friday, that is exactly what happened.  Marlon prepared at the Renaissance Hotel Downtown Pittsburgh where they would later have their wedding reception.

Jamie prepared at her parents’ home in the South Hills.

The wedding ceremony was at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in the Polish Hill area of Pittsburgh.  

Jamie was accompanied down the aisle by both of her parents.  Photo by Nicki, who was kind enough to join me for the day.

They’re married!

After a receiving line and some family portraits, Nicki and I got into the limo with Jamie, Marlon, and their bridal party for some photos in downtown Pittsburgh.  Jamie and Marlon live in New York City, and also love nature.  Our first stop was Mellon Green.

Then over to the intersection of 7th Avenue and Penn Avenue to model near the magnolia tree sculptures.  Wearing a wedding dress downtown on Friday night before a Pirates game will get you lots of attention.

Jamie is a gorgeous, gorgeous woman.

I really loved their reception at the Renaissance Hotel  in Downtown Pittsburgh.  Here they are making their grand entrance. The excitement is real.

After dinner and cake by Sweet Tammy’s, Jamie and Marlon shared their first dance.  “Stir It Up” by Bob Marley.  It was adorable!!

All day, I felt like this crew was just waiting for this dance party.  Everyone was having a great time!

This was one of my favorite memories of the day–Marlon and his friends from Trinidad initiating the father of the bride into their Crew….with a drink.

I know it is a good party when I feel like I could be injured at any moment.  DJ Bill Bara kept the party going strong until midnight!  Everyone went crazy when he played music from Trinidad, Marlon’s home country.

Best man, Mark.

Jamie and Marlon were tearing it up on the dance floor all night.  I love when a couple has a great time celebrating with their family and friends.

Congratulations, Jamie and Marlon!

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  • Mary

    What a fun wedding! And I know exactly what you mean about being injured…it’s especially bad being a foot shorter than everybody…

  • Robert Dottin

    Congratulations, Marlon annd Jamie. What a beautiful, intelligent couple. May your happines grow throughout your lives.


  • Aaron Doyle

    Congratulations to Marlon and Jamie from the Doyle and Gregoire families in Trinidad. May God continue to bless your Union and that guide you throughout your life together.

  • Christina Montemurro

    I LOVE all the dancing photos. And Jamie’s smile. But my favorite is the entrance to the reception. That can be a tough moment to capture perfectly, but you did it. Way to nail the timing.

  • Karl Doyle

    Congratulations to the newlywed couple. May God richly bless the union and may the two of you see yourselves as a shining example to others.

  • Mom and Dad

    What an amazing day. Best wishes to our beautiful daughter Jamie and our new Son-in-law Marlon. The day was truly captured in these photographs. We look forward to seeing more.

    We love you

  • Christina Montemurro

    I know this may seem completely random and out of the blue, but I was just thinking about Jamie & Marlon’s grand entrance photo. I just love the flawless timing and lighting that perfectly capture the joy of that moment.

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