Robyn and Steven’s Snowy Engagement Photos

Ryan and I just returned from Minnesota where we celebrated not one, but TWO Voss family engagements!  We are so excited to be able to share in their celebrations and I’m SO happy that get to photograph my great in-laws.  First, Ryan’s brother Steven and his fiance, Robyn.

Steven and Robyn met five years ago when they were working together at the Anoka Aquatic Center (a community pool where nearly all of the Voss children have worked).  Steven was a lifeguard and Robyn was working at the snack bar.  Steven would ask little swimmers to visit the snack bar and see if Robyn was working.  I don’t know if any of the children were involved when Steven asked Robyn out, but it’s cute to think that is how it happened.

Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session last weekend at Elm Creek Park.  First, some photos inside of the ski lodge.  And by “ski lodge,”  I mean cross-country ski lodge.  Because Minnesota is flat.

Well here is my beautiful future sister-in-law……

Some Minnesota ladies have the best looking cold weather gear.

Their wedding colors are black, white, and red.  Robyn ordered a medium coffee so that her cup would be red in the photos.  She usually opts for a small which has a green cup.  Ha.

Robyn and Steven had great ambitions of snow angels and writing their names in the snow…..

So Steven tried…..

But everything was frozen into a hard sheet of snowy ice.  Writing with Robyn’s tiny heels wouldn’t have been very effective (and very time consuming in the cold).

If I made up a winter wonderland in my head, these icicles would definitely be featured.

They’re SO cute!!!

Robyn and Steven will exchange vows next September at the Noerenberg Gardens in Minnesota.  Congratulations to you both–I’m so happy for you and I love both of you!!!

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  • Robyn

    Randi! You are so talented! These are awesome! We had a ton of fun 🙂 Thank you x 1,000,000! We love you, too! <3

  • sister

    wow… snow is super dramatic. that minnesota lighting is baller. oh yeah, i guess the person behind the camera is okay too.

  • Rich

    Randi………since this wedding thing is going well,try and talk the bride and groom into a engagement shoot in the tropics.

  • Elizabeth Voss

    Beautiful – Love the Smiles, Love the Snow – Love the warmth in the expressions of true Love – Now I know what the Beatles meant when they wrote “All you need is LOVE”

  • Christina Montemurro

    I do not think it is a coincidence that I looked at these photos a few days ago, and now on its way to me is a white coat. I don’t know if I can pick favorites here, so I will arbitrarily point to the hot fire, and the one where they’re looking at their shadows in the snow. I love how clean and perfect the snow looks along with the tracks running the top edge of the picture.

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