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I met Megan years ago when we were both working at an architecture firm in Pittsburgh. She was one of my earliest photography champions, promoting my wedding photography services to her sister, cousin, and a many of her friends. She’s gone on to work as a designer overseas in India and then in New York City. There, she met Wade and accidentally said “I love you” to him while ending a phone conversation with him after 4 days into their relationship. She quickly sent him a text message him to explain the slip of the tongue, and thankfully her faux pas wasn’t the end of their relationship.

Megan and Wade were married in an outdoor wedding ceremony at Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh’s Southside. During their wedding ceremony, with the help of their wedding celebrant, they explicitly expressed all of the things they loved about each other and their hopes for the future. It was one of the most heartfelt ceremonies that I’ve had the pleasure to photograph. During the procession, Jason Kendall Productions was accompanied by one of Megan’s friends who sang during the ceremony procession. After a few family photos, Fish Hawk Acres cooked up an amazing dinner, well beyond what you might expect to eat at a wedding.

I am beyond honored to have photographed Megan’s wedding last month. I’d like to extend a very humbled “thank you” to Megan and her family for supporting my business. And thank you to Nicki for helping me to capture this wonderful wedding day.

Congratulations, Megan and Wade!

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Being the photographer at a small wedding is very different than being the photographer at a large wedding. The guests are more likely to know each other, and it is easier to stick out in the crowd. Even though I am a stranger that the clients have met through the internet, I know I am part of a very private and personal day.

Lauren and Mike gathered their closest friends and family for their wedding at Altius Restaurant on Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh. Their intimate ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour, cake cutting, and a formal dinner at the restaurant. Before their ceremony, I met with the soon-to-be-weds for a pre-wedding photography session on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.

Congratulations, Lauren and Mike!

01_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_006602_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_005003_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_002805_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_017406_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_023309_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_042410_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_043311_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_044713_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_045514_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_048315_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_048716_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_050417_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_052818_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_039319_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_095420_Pittsburgh Altius Mt Washington Wedding_0918

  • Mary Ann AbbenanteApril 24, 2015 - 13:10

    Absolutely gorgeous photos !

For my first wedding of 2015, I was honored to join Nicki while she was photographing her friend’s wedding. Nicki met Brittany when they were both working as the costumed-character Kenny Kangaroo at Kennywood Park. They’ve been friends for over a decade, and I know how mutually excited they were to be spending Brittany’s wedding day together in a unique way.

Brittany and Brian went to the same high school. Brittany always thought that Brian, a comedian, was hilarious and had a school-girl crush on him. Brian thought that Brittany was a pretty girl he saw in school, but she was younger and he didn’t talk to her. Years later, after they had both attended college, they met again and started dating.

They spent the first part of their wedding day getting ready (girls) and hanging out at the bar at the William Penn Omni (guys) before meeting together in The Union Trust Building. This beautiful building is closed to the public, but they were granted special access since Brian works for the building’s management company! We stopped for some additional portraits in the Strip District before joining their family and friends for the wedding ceremony and reception at Georgetown Centre.

Congratulations, Brittany and Brian!!

01_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_052402_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_056303_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_165004_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_166605_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_747106_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_750207_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_179508_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_761409_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_183110_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_766711_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_192912_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_770713_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_194914_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_201915_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_096416_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_096617_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_211318_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_212619_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_215020_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_224021_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_225822_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_815323_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_824624_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_8300

  • Rich dembskiMarch 26, 2015 - 12:26

    Beautiful work from my two favorite Photographers.Brian and Brittany you had such a beautiful wedding.Hope you enjoyed the day.

  • kim yacavinoMarch 31, 2015 - 19:42

    Wow, these shots are terrific–can’t wait to see photos of the groom’s family–that would be us. :-)

While shopping for greeting cards two years ago, I walked into Nota Bene, a fine paper boutique near my home in Aspinwall. I was impressed by the incredible collection of custom invitations. If you’ve ever shopped for a wedding invitation or holiday card online, everything looks flat, making it difficult to choose what card you want. You may be asking “what is the difference between these invitations?” and “what is letterpress?”

At Nota Bene, you can sit down in their showroom and view thousands of actual samples. While you’re there, you can also find personalized stationary, personalized wedding gifts, and greeting cards. This year I returned to Nota Bene to take some photographs for their new website. I’m still impressed!

01_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_080902_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_079703_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_075204_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_081505_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_064706_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_049707_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_051408_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_072609_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_065710_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_069711_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_0568


  • Leeann MarieMarch 17, 2015 - 09:54

    I want everything in this store. Eek!

At this year’s Turkey Bowl (our eighth year!) we saw that Rich still doesn’t the rules to Rock, Paper, Scissors. If you look at his face in the photo, you’ll see that he’s suppressing a laugh. He’s either a bad liar or he really wants to win.

We also saw our first injury, someone finally invited Kevin, and the blue team defeated team “too much mustard.” Or did they? Let the countdown begin to next year’s game!

01_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_795402_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_795603_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_796404_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_796505_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_800706_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_803507_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_804108_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_805209_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_810110_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_811211_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_816312_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_819413_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_820314_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_835615_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_8279

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