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Laura and John were planning to have a low key wedding. I hear this a lot from my clients, but sometimes wedding planning turns into what my husband calls “Marriage Hazing” where all of the excitement surrounding a wedding crushes the low-stress wedding dream. In Laura and John’s case, each time I talked to them, they seemed so relaxed. If I didn’t know better, I would have had to double check that they were actually having a wedding because they were SO easygoing about everything.

Laura and John renewed their wedding vows in a wedding ceremony in front of their family and friends at Harold Zion Luthern Church in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, where John’s father is the Reverend. Since John’s family is so close to the church, the other Reverends couldn’t resist being a part of John’s wedding day. When they were telling me about some of the plans for their reception, I had a hard time believing John’s father was going to dress up and perform as Elvis and that his mom was going to play her accordion! Most people would become stressed out over this family involvement, but Laura and John really practiced what they had wanted all along—a relaxed and happy wedding day.

Many thanks to Nicki who joined me to photograph this very relaxed wedding day.

Congratulations, again, Laura and John!

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One of Nicki’s high school classmates, Kristine, contacted me last year about photographing her wedding. She requested Nicki to be here photographer and here is what Nicki had to say (and show) about her wedding day:

“Kristine and Matt are so lucky. While typically July is one of the driest months of the summer, this one brought a ton of rain. The 6 days before and 6 days after Kristine and Matt’s wedding, it rained! But on their wedding day, the clouds were no where to be seen. They’re not only lucky with the weather, Matt visibly adores Kristine and they are happy to be married.

They were married in a Catholic ceremony was at Saint Therese of Lisieux in Munhall. After taking some photos on the University of Pittsburgh campus, they celebrated with their friends and family at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.

Christina and I really had a great time photographing such a happy couple.

Congratulations Kristine and Matt!!”

01_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_02_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_03_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_04_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_05_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_06_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_07_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_08_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_09_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_10_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_11_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_12_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_13_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_14_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_15_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_16_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_17_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_18_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_19_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_20_Soldiers and Sailors Hall Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_

  • AdreaJuly 21, 2015 - 10:47

    Beautiful images of a lovely day! Well done!

Like all of my amazing wedding clients, Lauren and Chris said that photography was one of their top priorities for their wedding day. They planned to have a whole hour for portrait photography in between their wedding ceremony and reception. On the day of the wedding, they had to improvise in order to avoid the people (and their cars) out and about in Pittsburgh concerts, events and following construction detours. Lauren and Chris agreed that we should change our plans to shoot at their Alma mater, Duquesne University, opting instead for a stop at Setter’s Cabin Park along the route to their wedding reception. While I am always nervous to change the couple’s plan, having more time to take photos was the best choice. At the end of the session, Lauren exclaimed “I’m so happy that we came here for photos! This is great!” It is nice to see that Lauren and Chris are already making the right decisions as a couple.

Lauren and Chris were married earlier this month in a ceremony at Zion Lutheran Church in the South Hills are of Pittsburgh. After greeting their guests, they traveled to Settler’s Cabin Park for some portraits before heading to their reception at Pittsburgh Airport Marriott. I was beyond excited to work with the talented DJ Andy Booth (after a three year hiatus) and he kept the dance floor full all night long.

Many thanks to Nicki for her excellent photographs, help, and support all day.

Congratulations, Lauren and Chris!

01_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_019302_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_031703_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_010004_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_046505_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_064106_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_066407_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_065008_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_069409_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_074610_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_074711_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_079412_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_082213_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_139815_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_148316_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_161618_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_231019_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_234620_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_231521_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_199122_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_199623_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_210624_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_281125_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_274726_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_285927_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_289128_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_317429_Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_3182

Maggie and Adam met at a work conference. One of Maggie’s colleagues noticed that Adam was interested in her, but Adam thought that Maggie was married to this colleague. Thankfully, Maggie’s clever co-worker (hi, Martin!) sent up a flare and told Maggie that Adam was interested in her. Later, Maggie and Adam were on a series of long-distance dates before Adam proposed at Point State Park here in Pittsburgh. What a perfect place for their engagement photography session, too!

I’ve known Maggie in a professional setting for years , her being one of the talented catering managers for Common Plea catering. I am extremely honored that she and Adam chose me to be their wedding photographer and Maggie has made good on her promise that “when I get married, I’m hiring you to be my photographer.”

Congratulations, Maggie and Adam!

01_Point State Park Clemente Bridge Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_000602_Point State Park Clemente Bridge Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_001403_Point State Park Clemente Bridge Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_002104_Point State Park Clemente Bridge Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_003705_Point State Park Clemente Bridge Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_004906_Point State Park Clemente Bridge Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_006007_Point State Park Clemente Bridge Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_006908_Point State Park Clemente Bridge Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_008309_Point State Park Clemente Bridge Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_008610_Point State Park Clemente Bridge Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_0088

  • A. JudyJune 12, 2015 - 21:08

    I am sitting here, crying like you were my own daughter. The photos are GREAT. Does Randi have a brother named David?

Not every wedding crowd can really appreciate a free-form photo studio set up right at the wedding reception. For Dana and Drew‘s wedding at the University Club, that wasn’t the case!  Their guests knew just what to do to make the most of some excellent hats, props, and facial expressions.

I always enjoy looking at these photos since I’m busy photographing the wedding reception while this is happening. Cheers to Ryan for his excellent crowd control. And double congratulations to Dana and Drew!

01_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_312902_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_265603_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_266504_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_266405_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_268506_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_272107_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_273108_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_275909_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_277310_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_279011_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_281912_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_274413_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_283014_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_283915_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_288516_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_289917_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_292718_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_295319_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_296520_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_305021_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_308822_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_315423_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_318324_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_314825_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_321726_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_323827_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_326028_Wedding Photography Pittsburgh Photo Booth_3144

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