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Katie and Dave have been together for a long time, so they knew they didn’t want a long engagement. One of the things they did to save on time was decide to have their wedding at Katie’s parent’s lake house. While it started out as a simple wedding in her parent’s backyard, the wedding quickly outgrew the status of “backyard wedding” and beyond! Katie and her mom did all of the planning and coordinating for the catering, tent, lighting, linens, photographer, videographer, string quartet, entertainment, and more. Since Katie’s parents don’t live at Lake Latonka full time, their friends and neighbors stopped by daily to check on the house, water the plants, and prepare the site for weeks leading up to the wedding. Even all of their truly excellent planning couldn’t prepare for some unexpected work. In this case, Dave along with Katie’s father and brothers spent the days before the wedding building a floor inside of the giant tent due to some very soggy soil. I was so impressed with all of the hard work. Katie and Dave have so many people who love them!

Katie and Dave shared a First Look on the tiny island in Lake Latonka where they would later exchange vows. In order to spend as much time enjoying their wedding as possible, we took most of their bridal and family portraits prior to the ceremony. Together with their guests, they enjoyed the beautiful evening with a nice, long cocktail hour by the lake and a reception in the tent.

Many, many people were dedicated to making this wedding a success. Some of the wedding professionals included Three Rivers String Quartet, Keith from Party Time Productions, Posh Salon, and Fine Line Weddings. A job well done by all. Many thanks to Jenny for her excellent photos and assisting.

Congratulations, Katie and Dave!

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One of the first things I learned about Brad and Randi was the story of their proposal. They were staying at a bed & breakfast at a beach on Lake Michigan. One evening at sunset, they went down to the beach where there were two other couples hanging out on blankets. One of the couples was taking a bunch of photos of the of the other couple, and then Randi and Brad had their turn. At the end, Brad proposed! What a surprise for Randi and for the stranger taking their photos!

Randi and Brad both grew up in Pittsburgh, but they met a few years ago when they were both living in Ohio. They now call Ohio their home, but they returned to Pittsburgh for their wedding earlier this month. Since they love the city so much, they spent the first part of their wedding day taking photos in downtown Pittsburgh, on the Roberto Clemente Bridge, and at Heinz Field. Their ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the Heinz History Center followed by a reception upstairs in the Mueller Center.

Amanda was by my side taking photos all day. Christina and Nicki from Syncopated Pictures made a fantastic wedding film that you should watch immediately after you view these photos (link at the end).

Congratulations, Randi and Brad!!

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See more by watching their wedding video on the Syncopated Pictures website:

Pittsburgh Video Wedding Cinema

Tabitha and Adam have spent a very busy year planning for their wedding. Tabitha described herself as “a planner” and she couldn’t have been more accurate. One of the challenges of their wedding day schedule was a long break in between the ceremony and reception since the church could only accommodate an early wedding ceremony. We had a detailed plan to execute in our long break that included bridal party photos, family portraits, and a meal for the bridal party. I was thankful for Tabitha’s planing (along with extra time built in) because we needed every minute due to some lengthy thunderstorms during our portrait time. Through all of this scrambling and reshuffling, Tabitha and Adam were completely calm and relaxed. What a great start for their marriage to be calm in the face of stress on an important day!

Tabitha and Adam were married in a Catholic ceremony at Mary Mother of Hope Parish in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Their ceremony was held at Avalon Golf and Country Club. They spent the first part of their cocktail hour greeting all of their guests as they entered the ceremony.  You’re not seeing double–Adam has an identical twin brother. During his speech at the reception, he humorously joked “Thank you to all of you who wished me ‘Congratulations’ today, I will pass on the message to my brother, the groom.”

Nicki and I had a great day taking photos of such a happy group in some very nice (indoor!) locations. I was thankful that the weather cleared later in the evening so the guests were able to enjoy a cigar bar. I do love shooting photos that capture this relaxed environment away from all of the action on the dance floor.

Congratulations, Tabitha and Adam!

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Lauren and Henry were married on an uncharacteristically cool and rainy day this July. While some couples might have been showed concern for the weather, and Henry weren’t phased at all. They were determined to have a great day enjoying their wedding with their guests. And that’s just what they did!

As Lauren walked down the aisle at Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church, I could hear everyone around me loudly whispering about how absolutely gorgeous she looked. Henry thought so too because I saw him wipe a tear away as I was turning to photograph Lauren and her dad walking past me in the aisle. Once married, they mingled and celebrated with their guests in a reception at the beautiful Fox Chapel Golf Club.

Congratulations, Lauren and Henry!!

01_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_046103_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_050504_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_054605_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_056306_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_063307_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_067908_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_070509_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_072810_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_105411_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_106612_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_114313_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_112214_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_141015_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_140616_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_165117_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_167018_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_181319_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_182220_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_184021_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_187222_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_228023_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_233424_Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding Pittsburgh_2407

Flowers: Hepatica

Entertainment: Rick Purcell Band

Lauren and Henry met when they were in graduate school at Carnegie Mellon. Students no more, they are very busy preparing for their wedding later this month. I met when them at Lauren’s childhood home on a beautiful summer evening. What an incredible backyard for a photo shoot!

I really enjoyed my time getting to know Lauren and Henry and I’m looking forward to seeing more of their gorgeous faces at their wedding. Congratulations, Lauren and Henry!

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