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Kara and Brandon had a fairy tale for a wedding day. Kara looked like a princess as she walked down the aisle at St Mary of the Mount. Together, the newlyweds posed for portraits in sunny Schenley Park before celebrating at the reception at The Grand Concourse.

Planner Natasha Brody of Hello Productions brought everything together beautifully!

Thanks to Ryan for his hard work and photographs at this wonderful wedding.

Congratulations, Kara and Brandon!

01_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_011602_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_018803_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_002704_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_051905_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_060406_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_003807_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_063908_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_067209_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_068010_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_079411_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_120612_Grand Concourse Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_1278

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I’ve known Ryan for almost fifteen years. As I transitioned into my work as a wedding photographer, he always said he would hire me to photograph his own wedding. “I already have the photographer, I just need the bride,” and now he has both! I couldn’t have felt more honored to photograph the wedding of such wonderful friends!

Ashley and Ryan were married at Calvary United Methodist Church on Pittsburgh’s North Side. They wisely opted for portraits outside of the church before traveling to their reception. Upon making their entrance into their reception, Ryan and Ashley cut the cake. Ryan surprised Ashley by cutting it with the power saw that he uses often in his work as a contractor. Hilarious! I had a great time at this wedding seeing the joyful faces of people I’ve known for many years.

Many, many thanks to Nicki for helping me to capture this day.

Congratulations, Ashley and Ryan!!

01_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_032402_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_057603_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_058504_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_064106_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_071807_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_073109_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_077410_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_086111_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_088712_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_092313_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_147714_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_159215_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_169116_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_171317_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_191418_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_197019_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_232020_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_234822_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_242123_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_247024_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_262325_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_306126_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_259727_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_306728_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_307029_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_742430_Calvary Methodist Church Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_7431

Kelly and Tim have already moved to new cities together, traveled a lot, and now they are planning their wedding for next April. Now they’re living in Baltimore, but I met them at Mellon Park during a weekend visit to Pittsburgh to take their engagement photos.

I am always humbled and honored when I’m chosen to be the wedding photographer for the same family. I’m already excited to see Kristen and John and Ashely and Justin at their wedding. Hopefully, it is as close to I get to a repeat customer.

Congratulations, Kelly and Tim!

01_Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement_073002_Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement_066603_Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement_076704_Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement_083605_Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement_099406_Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement_100707_Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement_102408_Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement_108209_Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement_1097

  • Christina MontemurroJune 15, 2016 - 13:40

    Mellon Park and the North Shore, my two favorite locations! Beautiful photos of this lovely couple.

  • Ken M.June 21, 2016 - 20:19

    It’s great that you were able to capture such candid, unplanned shots of Tim and Kelly using a hidden camera. Don’t understand why they were showing affection in the middle of a bridge though. Seems pretty dangerous to me! I hope no cars were damaged as the drivers attempted to dodge the couple in the middle of the bridge.

Sara is a brave woman. A few years ago, she traveled from Pittsburgh to visit her friends in South Carolina. Her friends had told her they had “met [her] future husband” and had set her up on a blind date. What’s the harm of going on a blind date in another city? If it doesn’t work out, you don’t have to see the other person. But, if it does, like it did for Sara and Nathan, then you’re instantly in a long distance relationship. For these two, things did more than work out…

Sara and Nathan were married at Saint Bonaventure Parish. Sara’s dad walked her down the aisle, then immediately changed clothes to serve as the Deacon in the service. His thoughtful words for the couple continued the waves of laughter and tears that had been sweeping over them all day. After the touching service, we all traveled to The University Club to celebrate their marriage with their many visiting family and friends.

Many thanks to Nicki for her hard work and photographs from this beautiful wedding day.

Congratulations, Sara and Nathan!

01_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_014502_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_015503_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_039604_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_056505_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_062106_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_062007_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_063708_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_064509_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_076410_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_077911_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_080112_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_081413_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_082214_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_095515_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_097716_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_098517_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_165718_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_155219_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_158020_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_21_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_200522_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_204023_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_24_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_243125_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_249426_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_261327_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_295628_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_285829_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_310930_The University Club Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_2997

Lauren and Jimmy were dating when they discovered they had both, individually purchased the same couch. While it is common for couples to disagree on furniture choices, they had independently selected the same piece for their apartments without knowing it. Even though it was a different color, it seemed like clear indication that they should be married!

Lauren and Jimmy were married in a ceremony in the Omni William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. Lauren and Jimmy were excited to see all of their friends from different parts of their lives in one place–family and friends from childhood, college, graduate school, internships, and work! Prior to the ceremony, we took as many of the portraits as possible so Lauren and Jimmy could attend their cocktail hour. They celebrated their vows with their friends and family at the reception with help from DJ Sam Crawford.

Planning their wedding while living in Seattle wasn’t ideal, but they had some awesome vendors to help them out. Lauren’s makeup was done by Simone Jene Makeup and her flowers were by Sapphire and Lace Design. I had some help too! It was my pleasure to photograph this wedding with Christina.

Congratulations, Lauren and Jimmy!

01_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_037402_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_038303_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_003004_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_016305_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_016706_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_048607_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_049808_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_051209_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_051410_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_073011_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_075512_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_077613_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_079714_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_080815_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_119216_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_104917_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_122018_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_125119_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_129020_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_158221_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_160222_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_159223_William Penn Omni Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_188024_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_193025_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_209526_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_210627_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_222428_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_227129_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_231430_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_230231_Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography Pittsburgh_2307

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