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For a few months, I’ve been helping chef/caterer Julie Steinhaus develop her website with a lot of custom photography.  It’s been a rough road, you know,visiting Julie’s shop for taste tests, photographing beautiful food, arranging spreads to be photographed, but I’ve made it through.  On Saturday, Julie and her husband (and PR guy) Bob catered our first house party to celebrate the close of major improvements to our new home.

Please visit Julie’s Website to see her delicious offerings and see my photography in action! She caterers all different kind of events too.

Brides, if you need a caterer for your wedding or rehearsal dinner, please call Julie and hire her immediately.  She makes everything with real ingredients, offering lots of variety, and tasty combinations.  YUM YUM!
Now, time to salivate…. Julie was getting the table all ready.  It was crazy to have a totally empty kitchen, then 45 minutes later have food and beautiful things everywhere.

Getting ready for the party

Gruyere and cream cheese layered with sauteed pears and covered with toasted almonds.

Cheese layerd with sauteed pears

The pretty table all set (complete with fresh flowers).  While I made a comment that I thought is was so pretty and easy to photograph.  She said that she does this for everyone 😉

Table Spread

Asian Noodle Salad.  I knew I would like this, but I wasn’t expecting to LOVE it.  SO GOOD.

Asian Noodle Salad

Ryan’s favorite – Rosemary and spicy mustard roasted pretzels….and beer.

yummy pretzles

Hot white bean dip served with pumpernickel.  Since I am a vegetarian, Julie omitted the bacon on this recipe so I could enjoy it.  I’m glad she did because it was one of my favorites.

Hot white bean dip

Ryan’s other favorite, Coconut Cake.

Coconut Cake

The next chapter in randi voss photography is the ShotBox (new blog post coming soon).  Julie and Bob took a moment to hop in right before the party started.

ShotBox Photos

They are so adorable

ShotBox Photos

And so happy together.

ShotBox Photos

If you are having a house party, call Julie too and take time to enjoy your guests.  This was the best party I’ve ever hosted because I felt like to could actually see the people I’ve invited instead of refilling an empty dish or running around cleaning everything.

Please visit her website and look around!

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