Hi everyone!   ShotBox is something new that I’m offering for as an additional service for wedding receptions and events in 2010.  ShotBox is a photographer controlled portable studio- AKA a super fun place to be!

So here is the deal–I would set up the ShotBox for your reception starting at cocktail hour.  A photographer is running the ShotBox and directing you and your guests to do really fun and creative things.  Get in there for some fun portraits, large group shots, lots of dancing and getting crazy.  ShotBox would be “closed” during dinner and major wedding events like your cake cutting, first dance, and etc.  So the focus is still on you and your important wedding events.

ShotBox is a LARGE box (12’x12’x12′ indoor area needed) and it does not spit out photos for your guests to take home-the focus is on taking really creative shots.  You and your guests will be able sign up with their email address to see the photos when your regular wedding photos are ready to view.

As if you needed another reason to love this idea, check out these shots from last weekend….

My Love and I

Randi and Ryan

Ryan having a good time

My Husband

After seeing The Simpsons episode where Marge becomes a handyman (but because she is woman, no one will hire her, so Homer is a front for the business wearing a shirt that says “I Do All The Work”), Ryan and I wanted to buy dad a shirt that says “I Do All The Work.” We couldn’t find a shirt or a large enough file to make one, so he wore this pin.  He does do all of the work, especially on our renovation.  I love it.

I Do All The Work

Nicki, Guido, Sweet Dee, and Mark start the party off right with some serious rocking out. You know how I love air guitar, right?

Guitar Band

My cousins, Josh and Lauren.  Do they look familiar?  I took some family portraits for them in July.

My Cousins, Lauren and Josh

Devan and Nicki are going crazy in there! There are some serious hams in my group of friends and family.

Sweet Dee and Nicki

Devan catches some air

Zero Gravity

Some friends dance to “Thriller.”  You may recognize Amy on the far right from her June Wedding and Lisa, in the red shirt, from her Engagement Session at the Morning Glory Inn.


Photographer Christina Montemurro with her family

Christina Montemurro and Family

Her son Leo is awesome in this shotBatman

More air guitar and Rye with some shop-vac guitar.  Nicki wailing into the cable release.  Serious hams!

Rocking Out

Nicki and Rye in their own frame.  Guido creeping in the background

Like this...

3 angel faces from Mark, Justin, and Ryan.  These three(and Nicki too) did a tremendous amount of work with Dad on our renovations.  Angel Face



Me ferociously enjoying my coconut cake and Keith trying to get in on the action

Eating Coconut Cake

Here is something you can’t get in an photo booth– 7 lovely ladies from the Harter Family.

Harter Family Women

Too hot to handle…..sizzle.  He’s single, ladies!  Email me if you want to meet him…hahahahah

Hott Stuff


New mom Carla with baby Stella

Stella and Carla

The lovely Kristi

Kristi jammin'

Fellow CMU alum Jason and his lovely wife Anne.

Gap Ad

They came over after the Pitt Football Game.  Looks like and ad for Gap.

Anne and Jason

Our lovely neighbors, Mary, Abby, and Tara.

Our Neighbors

The iceman


Rye taking Courtney away

Rye and Courtney

oink oink

Dancin' Dee

My parents, Rich and DeniseMom and Dad

My Family

Master of Karate and Friendship!

Master of Karate and Friendship

My favorites


Giant Guido attempting to eat Nicki

Giant Guido eating Nicki

Newlyweds Tom and Danielle.  They said they felt like celebrities since so many people they’ve never met recognized them from their wedding photos.



And at the end of the night, it was time to put everything away and think about the next time we’d see our lovely family and friends. Horray!

If you want ShotBox to appear at your wedding, let me know–I’d love to make it happen for you too!

I'm Randi Voss, a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I specialize in photographing fun, happy weddings working throughout the wedding day as both a photojournalist and a portraiture artist. Have a look around my blog to see what I've been doing lately, both personally, and professionally, and get to know me better. View the Galleries to see some of my favorite photos. Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts. Sincerely, Randi

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