Jenn and JC’s Wedding

On Saturday, I joined Jenn and JC for their very emotional wedding day.  When I arrived at Jenn’s parents’ home in the morning, the girls were dressed and ready to be photographed.  We took some family photos outside, then stayed inside to cool off before the wedding.

Nicki was kind enough to join me for the day, first capturing this photo at the church.

JC was super nervous.  This was the first time I’d met him.  He was definitely having an out of body experience.

Jenn told me that one of the most important photos for her was to see JC’s expression as she came down the aisle.  Photo by Nicki.

What a gorgeous building!  The Immaculate Conception Church in Irwin, Pennsylvania.  Photo by Nicki.

Jenn and JC were both VERY emotional during the ceremony.  It was lovely to see.

Smiles during one of their few private moments of the day.

The cake fight was epic.  Cake in the eye for the groom?

The dance floor was packed all night. 

After the money dance (It was a polka–yay!), the guests surrounded Jenn and waived their white handkerchiefs.  Or red shoes…..

Congratulation Jenn and JC!  Have a great time on your honeymoon…..

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