Briana and Tim’s Wedding at Bethany College

Oh, October. Such a wonderful time for a wedding with little rain and beautiful weather. This Saturday, it was finally time for Briana and Tim’s wedding at beautiful Bethany College.  This is where it all began for their relationship, so what a great place to have their wedding.  Not only is the campus very important to them, but it is also super beautiful with great architecture and greenery.  I am so glad I got to share their wedding day with them!

Since I haven’t posted one in a long time—a dress shot.  I’m so glad I carried this dress outside, stole a chair from a computer lab, hung up the dress and took this shot.

Tim and the guys relaxing before the wedding.  Photo by Nicki.

Briana and Tim chose to see each other before the wedding.  Briana said that they wanted to have a few minutes alone to talk before seeing each other for the first time during the ceremony.  This area outside of Old Main was beautiful!

Lookin’ good, Tim.

Not as good as Briana.

I LOVE this little lace jacket that was part of her dress.

I was in love with this architecture (just like Briana told me I would be).

Photo by Nicki.

Commencement Hall.

Briana and Tim said their wedding vows in unison as they observed the Celtic tradition of holding an Oath Stone.

After a light reception in the portico of Old Main, we had plenty of time for photos on the most beautiful parts of campus.

My favorite–angel light.

Then it was off to dinner and dancing at Peter’s Place.  Entertainment by Quintech Entertainment.

A friendly groomsmen getting down with grandma.

Shout! is one of my favorite wedding songs.  I love that crocodile.

Tim getting down in spite of that broken (shattered) wrist.

Congratulations, Briana and Tim!!!!!!

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  • Briana

    Randi! Again, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! We are both thrilled, and Tim was even left short on words!!!!! I can’t believe those are photos of us – we actually look kinda good 🙂 And we had a wonderful time, in fact I think we both agree that our day was darn near perfect…. flawless & exactly what we wanted. Many, many, many (and many more) thank to you and Nikki for putting up with us and making us look great. I’m beyond thrilled & my expectations were totally blown out of the water!!!!! Much Love, Mrs. Meeks

  • Rich Dembski

    Mrs Meeks said it all.Perfect day, perfect weather,perfect photo’s and an awesome couple. To add to the full deck, my pair of daughter’s beats a full house any time.

  • sister

    sister!! great photos! i think my favorite pictures are the ones where neither of them know we’re taking pictures. it’s like a little view into their lives. (o:

    briana, thanks so much for that nice message. i’m glad you’re happy, but secretly, you made it easy to make you guys look good.

  • Sandra Smith

    A beautiful bride and handsome groom! Everyone looks like they had a great time and the background of Bethany College made for some wonderful shots. Thank you for posting and sharing with all. Enjoy this special journey together.

  • Jonathan Stewart

    amazing 🙂 Great shots! Everything was wonderful from you two!

    Yikes I was too much on the dance floor 🙂 But me and grandma look goooood!

    Thanks again Randi/Nicki!

  • Christina Montemurro

    October is the best. And you + October = outstanding. My favorites are the two of Briana and Tim sitting on the wall by the fountain. Just love the lines of the wall and the grand scope of the whole scene coming together. So well done.

  • Marci Morgan

    Tim and Briana,
    You both look fabulous! Background was gorgeous. Randi you did a great job. Very happy things turned out so well. Congratulations, Marci

  • Uncle Jim

    Great Wedding – Great photography – Great weather – Great Everything !!!!
    A day we will always remember –
    thanks for inviting and sharing with ALL my family – Congratulations Tim & Briana

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