New York by Night

This week I’m visiting Jenn, my college BFF.  She lives in Brooklyn and we’ve been having a great time here and around the city.  Summary below….

We went to a Nellie McKay concert  at the Highline Ballroom.  Nellie is one of my favorites and I’ve seen her twice before.  She performed a lot of songs from her most recent release which was a tribute to Doris Day.  Great lighting at this concert.

Nicki is also here visiting her friend, Sarah.   We met for lunch one day, much later parting in the subway.  I didn’t use a flash on this photo, it only looks that way.

Jenn had to work for a bit while I was here (I did work as well while she was away).  Jenn and her friend, Erik, at bar trivia on Monday night.  We lost, but had a great time.

And then went to the US Open on Tuesday for the night session.  Walking from the 7 train….

I don’t know what this was, but I watched it for probably 30 minutes while we waited in line.  The guy in the center is wearing a steadicam rig and filming these two people.  Why wear a steadicam in a 10’x10′ box?

I had a great time looking at the cameras while we were waiting to go into the night session (the day session ran late).  There were a few of these overhead rigs.

Jenn on the move.

A lot of people were confused about their seats.

Rafael Nadal v. Teimuraz Gabashvili.  A long match, but Nadal wins in straight sets.

Arthur Ashe and the trains all put in bed.

Time to head home to Pittsburgh soon!

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