Rachel and Bary’s Engagement Photos at Mellon Park

Rachel and Bary considered many photographers before choosing us to be their wedding photographer. I’m not sure how many interviews they went on, but It seems like somewhere in the 20-25 range. So I’m very honored, humbled, and a tad nervous (in the good way that I am excited to work hard for my clients) to photograph their wedding next June.

As Rachel and Bary both live out of town, currently in separate cities, we made some time together on Black Friday for their engagement shoot. We began at their (and my!) alma mater, Carnegie Mellon.

After a quick stop to the place where they had their first kiss, we did most of the shoot at Mellon Park.

Rachel and Bary have quite a height difference. I asked if Bary ever picked Rachel up and the answer, surprisingly, was No. I love Rachel’s face here.

My favorite from their shoot

For our final stop, Pittsburgh’s North Shore for an amazing late November sunset…..at 4:56pm.

Congratulations, Rachel and Bary! I’m so excited to work with you.

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  • Lindsay Emmett

    So gorgeous! The picture of this couple sitting and cuddling is awesome. It’s romantic and i love all the symmetry. Great colors in the November sunset series, from their sweaters, the sky and the river. Fabulous as usual.!

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