Kelci and Andy’s Wedding at The White Barn

Not everyone loves planning a wedding. Weddings are big, time consuming, expensive events with a lot of work and complicated family dynamics. Kelci and Andy, however, loved planning their wedding. Especially Kelci. In the days leading up to their wedding, I’d ask Kelci how she was feeling and the answer was always positive. When a lot of couples might say “I can’t wait for the day to be here/over,” Kelci would say “I’m so exited! I wish my wedding day would last forever!” After their wedding, Kelci’s facebook status said “So…yesterday was the best day ever! More perfect then I could even imagine! Andy and I were married outside in beautiful weather surrounded by those we love. Then we partied our butts off. Thank you everyone for the well wishes! I am so sad it’s over, I would do it 100 times again if I could!”

I hope these photos help them to relive their wedding day 100 times! After all of their hard work and planning, Kelci and Andy had a perfect wedding day. They were married in a sunny outdoor ceremony at the White Barn in Prospect, Pennsylvania. Their guests enjoyed cocktail hour while Kelci, Andy, and their families and friends posed for some photos. Upon entering their reception, Kelci and Andy shared their first dance and some lovely toasts from their bridal party. After a beautiful sunset and a night full of dancing, their guests sent them well wishes with a sparkler exit.

Nicki and I were honored to be a part of their wedding day. I photographed Kelci and the bridesmaids’ preparing at the White Barn while Nicki captured Andy and the groomsmen getting ready and sharing a drink at a nearby hotel.

Congratulations, Kelci and Andy!!

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  • Jess Vey

    Clearly..stalking your blog..but GREAT JOB…they are amazing!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! ALso so nice catching up with you on Saturday! I knew you would hit it out of the ballpark!!

  • Krista Hohman

    Beautiful pictures to capture a beautiful day. I can’t help but smile every time I think of how great your day was!

  • Arleen Gaydos

    Pictures are gorgeous, can’t wait to see all of them! We are still smiling, remembering Andy &’Kelci’s perfect, happy day! Beautiful job, Randi & Nicki.

  • Jessica Wardzala

    I have looked at these about 5 times today! I love them so much!! They are such a great representation of that awesome day and I cant wait for more!

  • Jennfier (Harkcom) Fite

    Wow Andy!!! These pictures are fantastic. Your bride is beautiful and you both look so very happy;)

  • Monica Chatham

    I love the photos! I can’t wait to have a photo viewing party with all the girls!! The few that we have seen are freakin AMAZING!! You did a great job capturing Kelcis beauty and Andys fun loving side!!!

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