Wedding albums become part of your family’s history and are a reflection of the legacy of your wedding. People who aren’t even alive yet will get to enjoy your wedding day through your album, and will learn more about your family – and what you meant to each other in that moment in time – through your photographs. That’s why I believe it’s important to create an album that reflects who you are as a couple and captures the spirit of your wedding day; your wedding album is an opportunity to tell a story that goes far beyond pictures on a page.

If you’re planning to purchase a wedding album from Randi Voss Photography, as a service to you, l will pre-design your wedding album and make this preliminary album design available within a week of your wedding. Yes, that’s right!  Go online while you’re on your honeymoon and relive your wedding day with your new spouse!

While there will be plenty of time to collaborate and customize the final album design together so that it truly reflects you and your memories from your wedding day, I create a preliminary design because I understand that it’s very difficult to choose your favorite photos amongst  hundreds, with the correct balance of variety and a time line from the day. Because I create your preliminary album design so quickly after the wedding, I remember who was at your side, which friends and relatives played key roles in your wedding day, and what special or hilarious moments shouldn’t be forgotten. If you’ve hired me to be your wedding photographer, chances are you appreciate my style and sense of photo composition; the preliminary wedding album design will continue in that style and give us a reference point to start any customization or changes you may want.

If you want to make changes after you see the rest of your photos (add or remove pages, swap photos, change the design), I work with you to make sure that your album is perfect before it is sent away to be produced. I value your input and invite you to be as involved, or uninvolved, in the design process as you’d like. View my sample albums designs below to see if you agree.  All of these designs were completed just days after the wedding.


Album designs will open in a new window. Thank you for your patience as you wait for each album to load.

View cover swatches for the couples’ wedding album.  View swatches for the parent album options.