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Recently, I decided to update my wedding photographer wardrobe from all black to fun, cool things I could wear to weddings and look good when it gets hot. And while carrying tons of equipment and rolling around on the ground. Sounds like a challenge, huh?

Yesterday I had a personal shopper appointment with Kristi at the South Hills Village Mall jcrew store. I had shopped at that store before, and Kristi convinced me that I needed this personal shopper experience(this is a FREE service). She was right! I was kind of freaked out because I’m not the best at shopping and I’m 6′-0″ tall. Thankfully jcrew has tall sizes with 36″ inseams (I know, I’m a giant, right?).

Sounds intimidating, but it is not… you go there and you tell her what you like and she picks clothes for you that she thinks you will like AND – the best part – will look good on you. Kristi knew I was coming in and what I was looking for so she took time to pre-order tall things from the catalog and had so many choices for me! When I arrived, she had a hot tea with honey waiting for me and was so patient while I tried everything on.

Obviously, I took my camera because…..

1. I had a photo shoot later that day.
2. I had to make sure I look good in the clothes.
3. The clothes had to handle all of this equipment on my shoulders.

shopping at jcrew

Yes, I’m a cheeseball and I took photos of myself in the dressing room.

Looks good to me. At the end, Kristi asked me what I liked and told me her favorites. She didn’t pressure me to buy anything I didn’t want. There was a promotion for 20% off purchases of $125 or more and tons of stuff was already on sale! If you see me this summer, you will know who dressed me!

So I wanted to give Kristi some love and everyone should call (because she is the best) and make an appointment with her at her store. 412 831 3564. Give her a call and say you saw her on this blog.

Brides, couldn’t you use some new threads for that honeymoon? or for that rehearsal dinner? Take all of your bridesmaids too!

Love, Randi

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