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Are you tired of clear, crisp, sharp, high resolution images?  Well, neither am I! But I have been dying to take some of those wonderful plastic, blurry, soft focus photos from a camera like Diana.  A Diana camera is a film camera that wikipedia can define in fewer words than I can.  Most of the time, I’m trying to avoid blurry, soft focus, distorted photos, but with photos from a Diana camera, the imperfections becomes part of the appeal of the image.  Luckily, Photojojo! has started selling this retro Diana lens made for DSLR camera bodies.  So I bought one and I’m planning some art projects for my slower season coming up this winter.  Enjoy the start of this project! 

I'm Randi Voss, a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I specialize in photographing fun, happy weddings working throughout the wedding day as both a photojournalist and a portraiture artist. Have a look around my blog to see what I've been doing lately, both personally, and professionally, and get to know me better. View the Galleries to see some of my favorite photos. Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts. Sincerely, Randi


  • Rich Dembski

    The center of the photo’s are great,now if you can just get the rest of the photo to crisp up I think you have something.lol out loud.

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