Stephanie and Josh’s Wedding in New York City

Josh and Stephanie both have a background in professional theater. They actually met because their mutual friend, Mark, had worked with each of them and thought that they would be great together. Having a lot of experience in the performing arts might have made their wedding feel a bit like a theater event itself. When I spoke with them about planning their wedding photography, Stephanie even referred to their wedding as a “a performance” and designated one area of their ceremony space “backstage.”

When it came to the actual wedding day, I’m sure all of their stage and performance experience helped them to be prepared, but they exhibited a range or emotions so powerful and real that it was hard to find anyone who wasn’t swept away in excitement. When they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day in a First Look ceremony, they shared an “ugly cry” and a few private moments alone. We then took some time for some portraits around lower Manhattan before moving to their even more personal, emotional wedding ceremony and reception at Battery Gardens Restaurant.

Their gorgeous outdoor ceremony was bathed in sunshine and happy tears. Their ceremony was performed by their friend, Chris, and there they exchanged beautiful wedding vows. After a gorgeous sunset, they joined their guests for their reception where everyone had a great time dancing and celebrating. At the end of the evening, they gave a speech to thank everyone, including their many out-of-town guests and moved to to an after-party (wrap-party?) celebration.

Their wedding as special for me in so many ways. Both Stephanie and Josh are great friends of mine and I would have been at this wedding no matter if I was photographing it or not. I was honored to see so many parts of the day that I would have not been able to experience if I were a guest. I felt privileged to be a part of their First Look and I felt a level of comfort and joy that only friends can share. Ryan was shooting with me all day and we had a great time both with cameras and without.

Congratulations, Stephanie and Josh!

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  • Kari Maszle

    So Beautiful and so very emotional. I am in tears. I cannot wait to see the rest. xxoo ~Kari

  • Liz Restivo

    My little girl – I have NEVER EVER seen any two people look so happy. And your dad looks great! Congrats!

  • KrisMc

    OMG I love the “ugly cry” photo so much I started to tear up myself! This was such a beautiful day and you captured it perfectly, Randi. Congratulations again Josh and Stephanie. I am so, so happy for you! xoxo <3

  • Ted Brown

    I think I short circuited my ipad tearing up over some of your pix. What a glorious couple on an equally glorious day. We all wish we could have been there but thanks to these emotion packed photos we actually felt we were! Big hugs and much love from the Hamaca bunch!

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