Pittsburgh Scuba Center – Rich and Denise go diving!

Hi!  For those of you who don’t know, my parents (Rich and Denise), are wonderful and crazy people.  For their upcoming trip to Hawaii, they are both getting their Scuba Diving Certification.  They are working with Mike from the Pittsburgh Scuba Center and have been having a really great time during their classes.

Due to recent pool problems and class cancelations, my parents’ dream of being certified by the time they head to Hawaii was in jeopardy!  Thankfully, Dad’s cousin Jim was nice enough to allow my parents and Mike to his beautiful SALTWATER pool for a class.  When I heard of this news, I hopped in the car and headed over there for some photos.  It was so worth it!  Here’s a recap of that class…..

Gearing up!  We were watching the weather closely because there were scattered storms tonight and diving isn’t allowed during lightening.


Mom getting ready with that mask.


Rich, Mike, and Denise in the pool and ready to start the lesson.


This is how you are supposed to get into the water from the back of a boat.




There was some more playing with the mask


Getting regulated….


And then THIS was all that I saw for 45 minutes!


Jim lit a fire in their awesome natural gas fire pit.


The gas burns below this shiny blue glass, SO COOL!


I did get to see them swim around a little, but mostly they were at the bottom of the pool practicing emergency situations.  When you are deep underwater, that oxygen tank is your lifeline.


Mom taking a break.  “Breathing is hard work” she says.


After the dive, everyone was having a great time.  This is Dad’s face when he is really having fun and enjoying himself.  Makes me smile to see this!


Rich, Denise, and Instructor Mike




Then this party crasher (its ok, he lives here) jumped into things.  I think Mike was doing some recruiting for future divers.


I love that left foot in this photo.IMG_7479

Finally, some heavy and wet gear.IMG_7480

It was really fun to watch my parents do this.  Luckily, I was also taken to dinner for my photographic efforts.  Have fun in Hawaii, Mom and Dad!

  • gasfairypbAugust 12, 2009 - 05:40

    Randi………..Great photo’s as usual .You captured the enjoyment that we had in your photo’s, but I don’t see the fatigue in the bubbles photo.When mean Scuba Mike made me ditch my gear FOUR TIMES UNDER WATER and return to the surface only to find You and Jim just chillin by the fire pit.I guess that’s the cost of being with a great scuba instructor,a awesome photographer,pretty cool cousin’s and a wonderful wife.signed POPPABEAR……….P.S. And Really mellow dinner companion’s.O’LAY.

  • sisterAugust 16, 2009 - 16:15

    um… best scuba lesson ever!! good news for randivossphotography.com SISTER GOT HER OWN CAMERA!! watch out rannie rand, i’m coming for your customers!! just kidding. but i am excited.

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