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Earlier this summer,  I was at a bridal shower for Laura when I heard some news about an old classmate, Jacqui.  I went to High School with Jacqui and probably haven’t seen her since.  Jacqui was  diagnosed with Myelogenous Proliferative Disorder/Leukemia on 6/3/09.  I immediately found her on Facebook and started to read her story.  You can read about Jacqui’s story on her website hosted by CaringBridge.org.  She is married to a wonderful man, Rich, who is kind and very supportive.

I really felt like I couldn’t do much to help Jacqui, but I soon learned (through lots of comments posted on facebook) that she was a fan of my photography.  What cheers a girl up more than having her photo taken and feeling fabulous?  Please enjoy these photos of Jacqui and Rich (taken very close to their first wedding anniversary) at their wedding reception site, Westwood Golf Club.

For someone going through a health challenge, Jacqui sure looks healthy and vibrant to me.  She has beautiful hazel eyes.  Her makeup was looking great too!


Westwood Golf Club

Rarely do I get to see a full wedding ring set in a casual portrait.  Usually I only see the bride-to-be’s engagement ring.  What a nice treat for me.

Wedding Rings

They are stinkin’ adorable!

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Nearly a kiss

Here, much to Rich’s refusal, they got IN this patch of tall grasses.   What’s a randi voss photo session without a little trespassing?

Tall grasses

Again, so cute!

Pittsburgh Engagement Photographer

Rich was super concerned for Jacqui because it was getting cold.  I think their jackets look cute in this photo.  Plus, who even sees the jackets with those happy faces?

Fall Leaves

Rich was razzing her about the jacket.  I’m sure that he would have to answer to the doctor if she got sick from not wearing a jacket.  It’s all for love.

Smiling Jacqui

Beautiful tree for a beautiful kiss.  I had another photo planned for this spot, but had to vacate because some golfers were coming through.  That’s a hazard of shooting photos at a golf course.

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Sassy Jacqui

Again, you can read about Jacqui on her website, tell her she looks great, and send some love her way.  Leave a comment here for her too!

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  • Christina Montemurro

    Jacqui: you really do look great! What a beautiful location for these beautiful images. I love the one with the tall grasses – goes to show you really should listen to your photographer. 🙂 And the one right after that with the cornstalk is my favorite.

    Jacqui, it’s clear you have a strong will and spirit and I’m sure that will continue to be an asset to you. And you clearly have lots of wonderful support around you. My best to you.


  • Terri Scanlon


    I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful memories you have given to me through your photography. It is approaching two years since I lost my wonderful Jacqui and photos of such happy times gives me reason to pause and smile. My heart is broken and life will never be the same but your photographs do help me a lot! Stay well and take care of yourself! Again thank you for being such a good friend to my daughter.

    Terri Scanlon

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