Kelly and Tim’s Engagement Photos at Mellon Park

Kelly and Tim have already moved to new cities together, traveled a lot, and now they are planning their wedding for next April. Now they’re living in Baltimore, but I met them at Mellon Park during a weekend visit to Pittsburgh to take their engagement photos.

I am always humbled and honored when I’m chosen to be the wedding photographer for the same family. I’m already excited to see Kristen and John and Ashely and Justin at their wedding. Hopefully, it is as close to I get to a repeat customer.

Congratulations, Kelly and Tim!

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  • Ken M.

    It’s great that you were able to capture such candid, unplanned shots of Tim and Kelly using a hidden camera. Don’t understand why they were showing affection in the middle of a bridge though. Seems pretty dangerous to me! I hope no cars were damaged as the drivers attempted to dodge the couple in the middle of the bridge.

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