Jess and Dave’s Wedding

Jess and Dave are married. Miraculously, there were no storms today, and barely any rain. Here are some photos I’ll be working on this week.

Jess waiting to go into church

Me shooting Ryan shooting the reflection in this car. I love reflections and distorted views!
car window

We even had sun today!
backlit jess and dave

I asked Dave and Jess to walk down this hill, then it started to rain.
tree bride and groom

Jess’ family owns this store. It was closed today so the family could celebrate.

First Dance.
jess dave first dance

first dance vey

My favorite wedding guest tonight.
wild man

Bust a move. (Eric’s dad emailed me to tell me that this is his version of air guitar. Awesome!)
air guitar

Have fun on your honeymoon!

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