Holly and Shawn’s Serbian Orthodox Wedding in Pittsburgh

Saturday was a perfect day for a wedding–a holiday weekend and a beautiful day!  I had worked with Holly’s sisters Michelle (Maid of Honor) and Katie on a family photo shoot last fall.  I was excited to see them again and was happy that some of the kids remembered me.

Holly and Shawn were married in the south hills of Pittsburgh in a Serbian Orthodox wedding ceremony.  It was my first opportunity to photography a Serbian Orthodox service, and I was very excited for this new challenge!

First, I joined Holly and her bridesmaids at her  parents’ home while she got ready.  She already had her hair and makeup done at Posh Salon.  Putting on Holly’s dress was a big event.

All of her bridesmaids were relatives, mostly cousins, and she had been in all of their weddings over the years.  When Holly asked her dad “Dad, what do you need me to do?” Dad replied “Get married already and get your clothes out of this house.”  Classic.

Shawn’s family hosted a pre-party for their extended family and groomsmen.  This is a cultural event, and drinking seems to be mandated.  Check out these eyes…

I wasn’t there, but there were lots of photos of drinking shots.

When the ceremony began, Shawn had to face the altar, and could not see Holly’s approach.

He finally turned at this moment to see Holly hugging her dad.

Working with Ryan has many advantages.  One being that he was permitted behind the altar for some photos, and females aren’t allowed in that area.

The Kum (or best man) places the rings on the bride and groom’s right hands.

Their hands are bound with this cloth for most of the ceremony.

Holly, Shawn, and their family and friends were very resilient to remain standing for the 90-minute, air-conditioning-free ceremony.

During the end of the ceremony, they make three circles around the altar.

I haven’t known Holly for that long, but this looks like a classic “Holly face” to me.

During the receiving line, Brian sells me a program.  Note the dancers on the right too.

To celebrate, all of the guest have a shot when they come out of the church.

The last one is for the bride and groom.

We made a quick stop at South Park for the fastest bridal party photos ever.

Being fast is easy when the lighting is perfect.

And everyone is happy.

2 killer first-dance photos by Ryan.

A super fun garter toss.

Congratulations to Holly and Shawn!!

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  • Rich Dembski

    I’d buy a program from that little boy because he’s so believable. Great job on the balcony photos.

  • sister

    the reception pictures are gorgeous. i specifically like how eventho i wasn’t there, i know what it was like. (o: tell ryan nice job on the first dance photos.

  • Christina Montemurro

    Randi, after looking at these, I feel like I was there. I love Shawn’s expression as he waits for Holly’s arrival with his back turned. You got such a great variety of angles in the church, with the altar angle and then balcony angle. And you weren’t kidding about those crowns! My favorite though is the “everyone is happy” photo. Because they so clearly are.

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