Lisa and Mike’s Wedding at the Water’s Edge

Oh I’m still feeling happy after Lisa and Mike’s wedding on Friday evening wedding at Water’s Edge at the Pittsburgh Zoo!

I was surprised last year when Lisa, the maid of honor in Amy and Jay’s Wedding told me that day that I would be her wedding photographer.  Though she wouldn’t become engaged to Mike until the following month, she was right!!  I knew these two were going to be fun to work with after photographing their engagement session last fall.

Please enjoy some of my favorite photos from their VERY fun wedding at Water’s Edge at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

First, I joined Lisa, her maid of honor, and her two brides-men at her parents’ home.

One of my favorite parts of Lisa and Mike’s wedding was that two of Lisa’s male friends were able to stand up on her side of the bridal party.  Bridesmaids?  Bride’s-men?  Who said that someone’s gender determines which side of the aisle they belong when they are friends with you?

Lisa checking out her makeup

How GORGEOUS is this woman!??!?!

Mike showing off his lucky socks that he wore “on our first date, when I proposed, and now on our wedding day.”

Mike surprised Lisa with a ride from the church in this classic 1937 Cord.

Next image by Nicki, who was kind enough to join me for the day.

We then set off for the wedding reception and photo shoot at the Water’s Edge at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  Lisa’s beautiful flowers by Mocha Rose: Floral and Event Design

Though their bridal party was focused on the sea otters, Lisa and Mike only have eyes for each other.

High five for the bride!!!

Oh those animals should be caged…..

Image by Nicki.

Jessica Holloway from Holloway Events was with us all day making sure everything was “smooth sailing” for Mike and Lisa.  Her attention to detail was awesome and she is very fun to be around!  The Water’s Edge at the Pittsburgh Zoo was such a fun, unique venue that was the perfect fit for their beach themed wedding reception.

Thanks, shark.

First dance.  Wonderful DJ Entertainment by DJ Andy Booth.

Image by Nicki.

Best man Ken doing that thing where you jump through your own leg.


And definitely, by far one of my favorite images from the night under the shark tank.

Congratulations, Mike and Lisa on your fabulous, fun wedding!  I hope you’re having a great time on your honeymoon at the beach!

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  • KrisMc

    WOW!!!! My goodness, Randi, you have done it again! These photos are absolutely amazing! Some of my favorites are of Lisa putting on her make up and the very last photo of them kissing. All I keep thinking with these is WOW!!! 🙂

    Congratulations Lisa and Mike! Lisa- you looked BEAUTIFUL!

  • Christina Montemurro

    Congratulations Lisa and Mike! I couldn’t agree more about gender not being as significant as personal relationships, and give a standing ovation to the brides-men. It has a nice ring to it, too. Looks like the groomsman and the llama have a good understanding of each other.

    Love the last shot. Nice example of found off camera lighting!

  • Rich Dembski

    Thank goodness the groom had on his lucky socks. If not, the photos would have been only super,super fantastic. PS nice job to Nicki. love, Dad

  • sister

    obviously i’m partial to this wedding since i spent some time with everyone… but these are super beautiful. i love that moment when you shoot a picture and you immediately know that it’s a keeper. i feel that way about a lot of the pictures we took on friday… beautiful.

    a special applause for lisa who added so many details to the reception. nice job!

  • sister

    i’d also like to add, when i started typing my comment, there was one comment, so between when i started and finished typing, 4 people commented… impressive.

  • Amanda - Your Dental Hygienist ;)

    Randi! You are awesome 🙂 Mike is a patient of our too — so I couldn’t wait to see his pictures! Great job!

  • Mom Hartman

    Randi – your photography is AMAZING! Love your compositions! Of course, I’m partial to the bride and groom — what subjects to work with!

  • Lisa

    Randi –

    You really outdid yourself with our pictures! I can’t express how happy you made us tonight, I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks again to you and to Nicki for making our day so wonderful!

  • Kenny Schnur

    Randi…holy crap! thats all i really have to say, your talent amazes me!…and hey Nicki did a great job too!

  • Shalimar

    Oh my Goodness, you are blessed with such a wonderful gift. It took me back to when I got married. I am almost in tears. The pictures are wonderful Randi and totally AMAZING! Love them! and when you took the pictures it seemed like every one of them fit every moment. It made me feel like I was there! Great Job!

  • Karen McNeil

    Absolutely beautiful – such a cool venue to take the pics and have the reception. (no pun intended !)

  • Erin

    This looks awesome. I get mad about my wedding over and over again when I see the beautiful ideas other brides had 🙂 Lol. Oh well! Love you and come back soon! XOXO

  • Amy

    I agree, Erin! Why didn’t I think of that??? I guess Jay and I will just have to get married a couple more times, so Randi can do more photos.
    Thanks again for making all of us look fantastic! It really was a super fun night… so many good memories.

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