Tabetha and Peter’s Wedding at Lingrow Farm

I was very excited for Tabetha and Peter’s wedding at Lingrow Farm last Friday.  After their engagement photos, I knew it was going to be a good time.  But after the response from their family and friends, I knew it was going to be a really, really good time.  Everyone in their family is so obviously loving and supportive of Tabetha and Peter and their relationship together.  Their family is also obsessed with taking photos of them, looking at photos of them, and saying how much they like photos of them.  I felt so honored to be there photographing their day.

Tabetha and her bridesmaids got ready in this beautiful house located at Lingrow Farm.

Tabetha said that her mom was the most camera-shy person in her family of hams.  Look how beautiful they are. 

Grandma “Nini” seeing Tabetha as a bride for the first time.

What a happy, relaxed day!

I always ask brides and grooms what photos they are most excited to see.  For Tabetha, it was photos of her bridesmaids.  These ladies are very, very important to her.

Tabetha and her dad arrived to the ceremony on a horse-drawn carriage.  Beautiful lighting in this photo by Nicki.

Another good one from Nicki.  Peter waiting in the sun….

Peter and Tabetha’s getaway in the carriage.

Once I saw this kiss coming, I thought “oh no, I didn’t get the angle that I wanted.”  But Nicki did because she was waiting for it…and in the right location.

Real happiness.

Some tremendous footwear.

Beautiful Lingrow Farm.

During the entrance into the ceremony.

First dance.

After dinner, Tabetha and Peter took another walk for a quick sunset photo shoot.

It was a gorgeous evening.

Then, back to the dance party.

Sorry, but these two were stealing the show.  Pretty much all day!

So cute!  I hope I took this because it is one of my favorites from the whole day.

Lingrow Farm at night….

Tabetha and Peter, Congratulations!

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  • Sharon McClaren

    Oh Randi, these are incredible, I KNEW they would be. You have to be one of the best photographers ever. This was the absolute best wedding I’ve ever been to (and I’m not just saying that because it’s my niece.), and thanks to you, we will all have the best memories. Thank You. Congratulations Tabetha and Peter, we love you sooooo much!


    So many great photo’s from two daughters with the gift of the magic eye. The one at the pond, the last night photo, and the kiss in the carriage are my top three.

  • Melissa

    These photos are more beautiful than words!! I’ve known Peter since he was a little boy and looking at these photos made me want to cry. 🙂 You truly captured their love. Congrats to them and once again the photos are beautiful!!!!

  • Sally May

    I’ve shown the pictures and slide show numerous times to my work firends and they are stunned with the pictures you have taken – capturing all the magic moments of a beautiful day! I’ve given your name to a mother of a groom for next year. I have a very handsome son and a gorgeous new daughter to join my beautiful daughter.

  • Darlene

    What a beautiful day! What beautiful pictures! What a beautiful couple! Many happy memories for ones who attended. Many happy years for Peter and Tabetha; what a special couple you are.

  • Nikki (Rojtas) Marsula

    Randi, these photos are absolutely stunning! Tabetha looked beautiful! What a lovely venue! Congratulations Tabetha & Peter

  • Linda of Lingrow Farm


    You have a gift that has captured not only the beauty but the love expressed by Peter and Tabetha. Thank you for sharing these awesome photo’s of such a beautiful couple with Lingrow Farm.

  • Parents of the Bride

    Randi and Nicki, your photography is phenomenal!!! You captured the essence of informal elegance both their personalities and their wedding displayed. It was our honor to have 2 people who know our family, capture the memories of this intimate occasion. You deserve high accolades, words can’t express how pleased we are with the memories you have captured.

  • Pauline Moriarity

    Randi..No one else could have captured the love and and warm hearted expressions that you did so beautifully in peter and tobys pictures , If there were a pulitzer prize or an oscar or golden globe award for photography it should go to you and how lucky to have a sister like Nicki to be there for you
    Guess you know by now how much we appreciate all the sweetness and romance of the day that you brought out in your photographs.
    Again many thankx and God Bless all your endeavors.

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