Lily and Chris’ Wedding at Lingrow Farm

Friday, August 5th was a wedding day two years in the making. Lily and Chris’ started their journey together when they met during college at Xavier University. Love, friendship, hard work, planning, arts and crafts, and good summer weather were the perfect ingredients for their wedding at Lingrow Farm.

Lily and her bridesmaids readied themselves at the farm house adjacent to Lingrow Farm.  Lily’s beautiful dress by Stephanie James Couture.

Lily gets a very emotional hug from her father, Eric.

Since the travel time to the ceremony site is a short walk from the farm house, there’s time for a champagne toast.

Nicki joined Chris and the groomsmen at Lingrow Farm before the wedding ceremony began.

Lisa, Lily, and Eric make their way down the aisle together. Flowers by Leechburg Floral.

Moments before the ceremony, Chris said to me “feel free to be as close and intrusive as possible. I won’t remember anything that’s going to happen, but I’ll have pictures.” I still tried to be respectful, but I got right in the middle.

Right after the first kiss, the first hug. Image by Nicki.

Ceremony music by Rick Gallagher and his Band.

It was hot and sunny after the ceremony, but we were treated to some beautiful sunlight.

One shot with the Diana Lens. Lily is a fan of Lo-Fi photography and Nicki was able to shoot a few frames for her.

Back to sharp, beautiful photos.

Lily and Chris were really hot and sweaty, but looked way better than I did. American Gothic pose, please.

After cream puffs from and cake from La Gourmandine, toasts from the bridal party got the party started.

First Dance in the barn at Lingrow Farm.

Rick Gallagher and his Band performed through cocktail hour and over dinner. After the first dance, DJ Zombo kept the party going all night. It was so refreshing to hear Lily and Chris’ music selections–not one top 40 song all night–and the party was out of control awesome!

Last song–Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon.”

Congratulations, Lily and Chris!

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  • Rich Dembski

    Nice job from the two of you.Spectacular photo as usual.So nice to re visit Lingrow Farms.

  • Katia

    Randi and Nicki…I LOVE these!!The lighting is beautiful and love the awesome contrasts of each image (great post-processing)…my absolute favorite is their silhouettes in the sunflower field…OMG out of this world. Really enjoyed the lighting at the reception!Randi, you are awesome.

  • Christina Montemurro

    I think my favorite storytelling element of these photos is the story of Lily’s shoes. Looks like she walked down the aisle, kicked her shoes off for the ceremony, and then carried them away with her?

    My favorite non-shoe photos are the two with the sunflowers. The silhouette is so striking and I love the line of the sunflowers leading through the other one.

  • Pam Hanlin

    Randi & Nicki, these photos knocked my socks clean off my feet! You managed to make our motley crew look professional and composed. You were super fun to work with and made everyone feel comfortable, even though we were sweating bullets! Thanks for the beautiful memories 🙂

  • Eric

    I’ve never been to lingrow farms, but it looks like a beautiful location! I’ll have to recommend it to some of my future brides! Nice work!

  • Lisa Cooper Jensen

    Randi – After looking at everyone’s phone photos and digital camera shots for the first 2 weeks after the wedding,what an amazing difference it was to see your exquisite photos.

    Love what you did with the shoes, that you got px of Lily and I laughing together, the details of the day, and the amazing quality of the photos.

    You have limned beautiful memories for us for years. Many thanks.

    Lisa (MOB)

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