Anna and Nick’s Engagement Photos at Carnegie Mellon University

Oh how I’ve been waiting for this shoot!  Well, at least a shoot on Carnegie Mellon’s campus.  I met fellow CMU alums Anna and Nick last week for an interview, and was so thrilled to hear that they wanted to have their engagement photos taken on CMU’s campus.  Campus is very special to Anna and Nick since they met there during their first week of college.

We began at Mudge House, a residence hall where Anna worked as an RA during most of her college career.  It was super special to be here since they had spent so much time here, and a treat for me, as the building is locked to the public.  Here we started in the beautiful interior courtyard.

These two are hilarious.  They knew they were doing a good job when they heard the shutter fire over and over during this little display of affection.

The quintessential Mudge courtyard photo.  People come to take photos here anytime they are dressed up and looking fantastic.

Anna and Nick are both grad students at CMU, and know many of the students who are RAs in this building.  The RAs filled the planters just in time for our shoot.  Thanks, RAs/CAs!

We caught a great view of sunset just behind Hamerschlag Hall.

Maybe my favorite part of the shoot was the “blue wall” of which Anna was a huge fan.  And now I am too.  Great location choice, Anna!


Anna, you are so beautiful!!!!  I love this belted dress too.

Anna and Nick told me that students take photos here all the time–but I think these probably look way cooler!  I was totally into this numbered floor……

Their wedding date is 5/7 of 2011!

Our last stop was at the Randy Pausch Memorial Bridge.

Anna and Nick, thanks for giving me this great opportunity to work with you at one of my favorite places!  Congratulations!!!

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  • Christina Montemurro

    I’ve been waiting for these too! There are so many spots on the CMU campus I love (even if I didn’t study there) and almost none of them are here. Which makes me happy, because now I know there are even more great spots that I didn’t know about. Anna and Nick are just beaming. They are going to be a fun bride and groom!

  • Carol Russell

    Anna and Nick, These photos are absolutely the best! I’m so glad you two met each other. Mom

  • Aunt Dee Dee

    You two look so happy, so beautiful, I got choked up a few times. Wonderful, wonderful!
    Love to you two.

  • Lisa (Anna's Mom)

    AMAZING! The photos are so wonderful – they brought tears to my eyes. Randi, you are so talented…of course I do think you had great material to work with 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more!!

  • michaelwill

    Randi! I was just looking at CMU engagement pictures… I shot there on Monday, haha, and I definitely shot the crap out of those numbers and blue wall! Great minds must think alike 😉

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