Jen and Marc’s Wedding at Heinz Chapel and the Heinz History Center

Jen and Marc met while they were students at the University of Pittsburgh, and on Saturday, they were married after being together for seven years.  They wanted their wedding day to be “a really fun party,”  and that is what they got!  First, they exchanged vows and rings at beautiful Heinz Chapel.  Then, the bridal party stopped for lunch at Primanti Brothers in the South Side, and finally to one of the best places in Pittsburgh to have a really fun party–Heinz History Center.

I began my day photographing Jen and her bridesmaids and “Men of Honor” downstairs in Heinz Chapel.  Ryan was upstairs and got this fantastic shot of the ring bearer handing out programs.  The light from the door lit his face perfectly.

There are  many restrictions about where the photographers can go in Heinz Chapel.  There are no restrictions on what you can do in the balcony.  Here, Ryan is shooting through his own lens while Jen and Marc are at the altar.

Exchanging the rings

And here they are, Mr and Mrs!!!

How exciting to find this big tree full of bright red leaves on November 6th!

Between the ceremony and reception, the bridal party took their giant limo bus to Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh’s South Side.   Can you see Jen’s dress in the photo?

Jen looks beautiful!  And you can tell she really enjoyed her time on her wedding day.

Marc looks pretty great too.

A jagerbomb for a few of the groomsmen…..

And after a quick, windy stop on the North Shore for a few photos, we arrived at the Heinz History Center.  What a fun group of guys!

The brides’ side had a much more convincing coaster ride.  WooooohooooOO!!!!!

Just before cocktail hour, the groomsmen composed this original song called “Marc and Jen.” 

After that performance, Jen and Marc posed for a few more photos in the 6th floor lobby.

For their first dance, one of the groomsmen sang and played piano.  He was SOOO good!

And then onto the killer dance party.

What a beautiful room!

Go Jen!

This time, all of the wedding guests were treated to the final version of the original song “Marc and Jen.”

The lyrics were “Marc and Jen.  Marc and Jen.  MARC AND JEN!!  Marc and Jen.  marc and jen (whispered). Marc and Jen.”  It was amazing and I’m glad that all of their guests got to hear it.

Marc and Jen, congratulations on your awesome wedding day!

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  • Rich Dembski

    This is the tri-fecta of wedding location Hienz Chappel, Pramanti ,and the Histroy Center.Nice job

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