Gretchen and Andrew’s Wedding at the Rose Barn at North Park

After working on an events team for nearly a decade, Gretchen is an expert in wedding day drama. I’m sure, like me, she has heard and seen a lot of crazy things at special events. So, if Gretchen is worried or concerned about something related to her wedding, I know that it is real stress of an experienced event professional. After a few worries leading up to the wedding day, I’m happy to report that Gretchen and Andrew’s wedding was a truly wonderful time. They planned how they wanted their wedding to look and feel, and most importantly, how to spend their time together.

Gretchen and Andrew were married at the Rose Barn at North Park. Gretchen processed down the aisle beneath two swords to commemorate her time training for stage combat. Their cocktail hour was punctuated with six heartfelt speeches and their night was a fun and relaxing time spent with family and friends.

Personally, it was great to spend the day with Gretchen, Andrew, and her all-star team (Hello Jeremy Ganss, Hello Heinz History Center Crew!) making sure her wedding was as special as all of the weddings she helped to make so lovely over the years.

Congratulations, Gretchen and Andrew!

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  • Philip T. Snead

    Lovely memories and excellent images from the day of the wedding. These pictures evoke the experience of Gretchen and Andrew’s wedding day in an uncannily nuanced way. Great work by a very hard working photographer.

  • Marilyn R Miller

    You’re pictures are wonderful, make sure you have copies that you can keep forever. Papa and I are so happy for the both of you. Love, Nana.

  • Melody Wilkinson

    Beautiful pictures you did an awesome job, I work with Gretchen she such a nice person. The day was captured just wonderfully, memories they will have for a lifetime.

  • Margaret Miller

    I looked again at these today, paused at a pic and thought, “That’s my favorite.” Paused at a second, third, fourth and fifth and each time thought, “No, that’s my favorite,” and so on. What a happy day, and how eloquently depicted. Hats off!

  • Michael Jerome Johnson

    It was a distinct honor and a pleasure to marry you, Gretchen and Andrew, on October 21, 2018. May your lives together be long and prosperous.

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