Laura and John’s Wedding at Harold Zion Church

Laura and John were planning to have a low key wedding. I hear this a lot from my clients, but sometimes wedding planning turns into what my husband calls “Marriage Hazing” where all of the excitement surrounding a wedding crushes the low-stress wedding dream. In Laura and John’s case, each time I talked to them, they seemed so relaxed. If I didn’t know better, I would have had to double check that they were actually having a wedding because they were SO easygoing about everything.

Laura and John renewed their wedding vows in a wedding ceremony in front of their family and friends at Harold Zion Luthern Church in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, where John’s father is the Reverend. Since John’s family is so close to the church, the other Reverends couldn’t resist being a part of John’s wedding day. When they were telling me about some of the plans for their reception, I had a hard time believing John’s father was going to dress up and perform as Elvis and that his mom was going to play her accordion! Most people would become stressed out over this family involvement, but Laura and John really practiced what they had wanted all along—a relaxed and happy wedding day.

Many thanks to Nicki who joined me to photograph this very relaxed wedding day.

Congratulations, again, Laura and John!

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