Laura and Donnie’s Hawai’i Paradise Wedding

I first met Laura in June of 2008 when we were both working at Burt Hill.  I was just starting my second year of photographing weddings professionally, and was very happy to see that Laura was engaged.  Selfishly, when I met her, I thought that maybe I would be able to shoot her wedding someday. I got to know her well as a friend over the next few months, and realized that she was genuinely happy to be engaged and not really interested in the “whole wedding thing.”  And I knew that really wasn’t her style.

When I took Laura and Don’s engagement photos at their home in Smock, Pennsylvania last September, I couldn’t have guessed that they’d be married just 7 months later.  Laura called me at the end of February to invite me to come to Hawai’i on May 8th to photograph her wedding.  Emphatically, I said “YES!”  And here we are……

Looking good, Don.

I got to ride in the limo with Laura, Don, and their friends on the way to their beach wedding.  It was super fun.  I love this shot.

The whole day was VERY relaxed.  We got to take a few images before the event…

Isn’t she beautiful!?!?!??!  I’m so lucky to have her as a friend!  Her dress was perfect for her.

Woman at work.  Photo by Ryan.

They had a very lovely ceremony on the beach.

They thanked everyone for coming and threw up their hands in celebration.

So, here is everyone at the wedding….including Ryan and I on the right.  Maybe the only time I’ll use the automatic timer function on my camera at a wedding.  Good thing I don’t use it often because I forgot to turn it off before the next group of portraits.

Adorable (I know this is one of Laura’s favorites).

And these two are my faves

Laura and Don had a lunch at the Plumeria Beach House at the Kahala Hotel & Resort.  It was incredibly beautiful (and the food was fantastic!).

Laura’s sister Sara gave a wonderful toast as did Don’s brother, Eric.

I loved these forks.  I took at least 15 photos of them. 

Cake cutting photo by Ryan.

Congratulations to Laura and Don!  Thanks for being my friends and for inviting me to Hawai’i to photography your beautiful wedding.  See you in Pittsburgh soon!

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  • sister

    you make the lighting for a noon wedding look easy to control!! i love how you actually made it into a wedding photo! excellent job love!

  • Christina Montemurro

    So excited to see these photos! Of course, despite the challenges of shooting at midday in full sun, your photos are fabulous. I love the relaxed joy in the photo of Laura and Don in the limo. How lucky are you, woman at work, to be shooting barefoot on the beach?!

    My favorite of the set is the very last one. The intensity of the color of the water and the natural framing by the trees…. just perfect.

  • Schafe

    How SWEET!!!! I am glad the wedding was wonderful and from the pics it looks like it was heaven on earth!!! LOVE IT!

  • Milla

    BEEEEEAAAAAUTIFUL Randi!! Wow wow wow. Really great job… let’s all move to Hawaii and be the “fabulous photographers of Hawaii” instead! 🙂


    As the Mother of the Bride,I must say that you did an AWESOME job!! Dalton and I are so pleased with the way you captured this
    magical day. It was wonderful spending time with you and Ryan.
    Thank you so much for all your efforts………….
    Linda Patterson

  • anjelika

    good to know you’ll travel to hawaii 😉 i love the photos – beautiful, rich colors. i particularly appreciate the one of you with your cameras – and looking so stylish too!

  • Jessica Ho Scara

    Holy Cow! These pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS! Laura, you and Donnie look amazing! Congrats!

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