Natalie and Mike’s Wedding at the Pittsburgh Field Club

Natalie and Mike have the same group of friends, sort of. Mike’s high school friends became Natalie’s college friends, but the two of them didn’t meet until they both attended one of their mutual friend’s weddings years later. At the time, Natalie was living in New York City and Mike was living in Ohio. Mike would travel to New York City for business and see Natalie during his visits. Except, Mike’s job never required him to travel to New York City, he just went to meet her! Perhaps Natalie only knows this, because here are their wedding photos. Haha!

Natalie and Mike were married at St. Joseph’s Parish in O’Hara Township. After a brief portrait session in the woods, they celebrated their marriage at the Pittsburgh Field Club. DJ Andy Booth welcomed guests and incorporated Natalie and Mike’s unique and wonderful music to the party.

Many thanks to Nicki for her photographs, assistance, and company.

Congratulations, Natalie and Mike!

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