Alison and Paul’s Maine Wedding

I just got back from a great trip to New England for Alison and Paul’s wedding.  This past winter, Alison emailed me about photographing a wedding reception this October at the Heinz History Center.  She told me that she and Paul were having a small destination wedding in Maine at the end of September and a larger reception in Pennsylvania.  We talked and decided it would be best for me to travel with them to Maine (yay) and make one spectacular wedding album.

Alison and Paul chose to wed at The Peace With Inn, a beautiful bed and breakfast in Freyburg, Maine (near North Conway, New Hampshire).  Alison and Paul actually got ready in the same place, making for a really relaxed environment.  On the left, is Alison’s ring, the penny that was in her mom’s shoe on her wedding day, a penny for Alison’s shoe on this wedding day.  On the right is Alison’s awesome dress.  The texture of the fabric was amazing!

Pennies and the bride's dress

Even though they got ready together.  Alison’s dress was top secret.  She put it on right before meeting Paul for pre-ceremony photographs.

The groom

They were so relaxed all day.  This is the only time that Alison was emotional about seeing Paul and everything coming together.  It was a really nice moment.


We abducted the bride and groom (willingly, of course) for some photos in this beautiful field.  At the rehearsal, Alison said “We scouted around and found a great place to take some photographs.  There is a large, open field with mountains in the background.  We should be there right before sunset. We think you will like it.”  My mouth was watering…..justifiably so!





Alison was so outgoing and willing to walk through these tall grasses in her dress.  Hi Linda (Alison’s mom)!  I think Linda would have had a heart attack if she saw the trek Alison made through this field.  So worth it and no body could tell!


The field was directly across from this old, weathered church.  On Monday, I got this in an email from the bride “Forgot to add that when we were heading out for our sight-seeing on Saturday we passed that church and they were painting it!!!! Seems they had re-painted the three other sides (hence the ladders on the other side of the church) and the one that we photographed in front of was the last one to be completed. Perfect timing for us, right?????”  Amazing!


Alison purchased (and returned) seven different pairs of shoes before deciding on these pink heels.


Alison’s parents walked her down the aisle together.  I think this is the only time when Alison’s dad didn’t have his camera out taking photographs.


The ceremony was beautiful! I thought it was really great because they chose a reading that I had also chosen for my own wedding.  Union by Robert Fulghum.

The wedding at the bed and breakfast

Unexpectedly, the temperature dropped to a low 29F that night.  Guests hung out by the fire or inside of the Inn.  Luckily, the real cold didn’t begin until the wedding and dinner was over.


I had a wonderful time and am so honored that Alison and Paul invited me to be with them for two very special events.  Stay tuned for more “a&p” at the end of October.

Wedding and reception location – The Peace With Inn

Caterer – Chef’s Market – SO GOOD!  The dinner was wonderful.  Ryan and I traveled to their store on Saturday for lunch because we couldn’t get enough!  Worth a trip to North Conway just for this meal.

Hair and Makeup – Head Games

Flowers – Dutch Bloemen Winkel

Bed and Breakfast – Admiral Peary House – Ryan and I stayed here.  It was a really nice place with a wonderful breakfast too!

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  • Alison

    You have one beyond ecstatic newlywed here! I cannot get over these pictures and since my email to you earlier this afternoon, I have viewed the pics at least five more times (that would make a grand total of ten!) Thank you so much for agreeing to travel with us to New England and producing these beyond amazing photos! We had so many compliments about you and Ryan and just how fun you two were! Thank you again!

  • Lauren

    These are incredible – great job Randi and congratulations again to Alison & Paul!!! Can’t wait for Part 2 in Pittsburgh!

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